Oct. 9th, 2012

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Things I'd like:slash, McKay/Sheppard is my usual, but I'm open to others and even threesomes, or OT4/team love. science, humor, h/c, affection without being ooc,AU, crossovers and fusions (I'm open to all sorts of fandoms but don't know anime type at all), playful kink (where they're just having fun, but it's not a lifestyle) well-fleshed slices of life; outsider POVs; stories written at least partially in other forms, such as letters (but please not entirely in netspeak, or other teen lingo). Rimming is Love. Jewish content would be loved like matzo ball soup. Humor, realistic expression of emotion (i.e don't turn them into 13 year old girls), smut (not a necessity, but always a treat),

Things I wouldn't like:mpreg (though kidfic and Atlantis-Alien Tech produced families are okay), graphic het, torture, embarrassment we're supposed to find funny (I have an embarrassment squick as long as a lunchroom line full of Junior High "Mean Girls"), angst based on soap opera style misunderstandings,out of character behavior (don't turn them into 13 year old girls unless it's an AU where they actually are 13 year old girls.). My heart broken in a way that can't be mended. If I find myself at the end of the story saying “John (or Rodney), you idiot” and feeling sad, that will not be good. scat/golden showers, seriously damaging kink, , any-two-guys smut (smut is fine, but I want to see recognizable characterization); partner betrayal
What I can do:slash of any rating. I've mostly done McKay/Sheppard, and one McKay/Sheppard/Dex but would write the rest of the main gang. OT4, team or character based gen. crossovers/fusions with non-anime fandoms, depending on the fandom, utilizing pop culture/musical references common to people from John and Rodney's (and mine) generation, crack. Better with character study than deep plot. Strengths in humor, description. I'm a poet, as well, though that seems less than useful here.

What I can't do:graphic het (and honestly, I'd rather not do a het pairing as the main one), fic that needs detailed math knowledge (my barely passing high school algebra 20 plus years ago won't help here); ditto for detailed sports knowledge; I’m probably not your go-to-girl for epic military plottiness. kink as lifestyle, bdsm (Holy Crap, "Fifty Shades of McKay" would be painful for me to write.) I'm probably not the best choice for plotty fic based on non-recurring characters.

Pinch hitter?: Possibly
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Things I'd like: Santa, it's been a long year and McShep is my wish.  Any McShep from first time love to established relationship.  I love them in Atlantis with the team, but I also love AUs, as long as John and Rodney are together, happy and in love with each other.  I really love stories where Rodney is thrown out of his element and has to work outside of his comfort zone.  I love stories that show us life on Atlantis, where there's an emergency every day before breakfast.  I would love something that's set after EATG with Atlantis and our team back in Pegasus and showing that life goes on.

Things I wouldn't like:   I prefer Carson to Keller, but don't want to see any character bashing to get John & Rodney together.  No heavy kinks or deathfic please.  I don't mind angst as long as there's a happy ending.

What I can do: While I can write gen if that's what you need, I prefer McShep, as written above.

What I can't do: No pairings except McShep – no heavy smut with that - I just don't think I write it well.

Pinch hitter?:   No, I'm sorry.  I will be working hard to get my fic done.

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Things I'd like: John/Teyla with plenty of team love. Smart!John. Kickbutt!Teyla. John-Ronon friendship on the side. I love the Legacy series, so feel free to run with situations and characterizations established within! Slight AU or alt-verse is fine. Crossover is fine (check my profile for other fandoms). Any time frame, but post-EATG intrigues me.

Things I wouldn't like: Too much telling. No plot. Glaringly bad science. Too much pining. Out-of-character dialogue. Super crack!fic. Unhappy endings. Depressing all the way through. Ogling the characters. The characters as less intelligent than they are. Cotton candy fluff. Also: no swearing or sex, please.

What I can do: I am most comfortable with John/Teyla and Teyla-centric gen. My past work is mostly character studies, vignettes, and standalone scenes, but I am currently delving into more plotty, epic territory. If you need me, I can also take a stab at character-centric gen for John or Ronon, and friendship fic. Any time frame in canon, I've seen all five seasons of SGA and read the Legacy series thus far, including Secrets.

What I can't do: John paired with someone besides Teyla. Slash. Whump. Crack!fic. Anything above a PG-13 rating. (There's more, but that covers a lot of ground.)

Pinch hitter?: No, unless by some miracle I'm done early this year. ;]


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