Oct. 8th, 2012

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Will not miss this!

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Things I'd like: John/Rodney. If you're good at it: humor. If you're not confident in your funny bone: light romance -- or Gen! Gen is always good. I'm hungry for stories set in the first or second season, before John (apparently) ran out of hair gel.

They didn't know what would be on the other side of the gate, hadn't made the serious blunders in the Pegasus galaxy that turned everyone against the team. They assumed that anyone who wasn't Wraith would be on the same side. And the different survival strategies worlds had to deal with the Wraith -- hide, brazen it out, high-tech weapons, collaboration -- so interesting! (Hmm, I'd love a story that includes a low-tech approach. Why didn't people in Pegasus put their gates in a cave where a Wraith dart would smack into a wall?)

Or how about an old fashioned plotty ZPM hunt? Maybe a crumbling ancient weapon? Or, for a season two fic, how about a heavy dosage of Lorne being Lorne, knowing more than he wants to know? And while I don't miss Ford (sorry Ford!), I do miss the English guy, whatwashisname?

There's an innocence to that first year, where every discovery was a major discovery (yay, spaceships!) and Rodney was at his most enthusiastically rude.

I guess I'm asking for plot, but in truth, I don't care if the whole fic's about John and Rodney skipping rocks off the pier, so long as it brings back that old-time SGA feeling.

Things I wouldn't like: Any pairing but John/Rodney. What I call "slash world," where every other male character is also gay and paired up. Lots of NC-17 sex: just not in the mood for it this year. In addition, it's Christmas, so while sweet to bittersweet is okay, I'd prefer nothing dark. I miss the show, so I'm hoping for canon-ish slash over an AU.

What I can do: I'm really in a "recapture the feel of early SGA" mode, so if someone else wants this, that's your best shot at a good story from me. This year I'm only interested in writing either gen, John/Rodney, or I might do John/Lorne. I can do humor, light romance, alien cultures, awkward technology, fic set in the Pegasus Galaxy, curtain fic. I can pull off AUs but would prefer Pegasus galaxy fic. Oh! And I write SG-1 too, so if someone wants SGA/SG-1, that's no problem.

What I can't do: Het of any kind. That Doctor Whatshername. Pairings involving Teyla or Ronon. Threesomes and foursomes. Not in a mood to write NC-17 right now, so any assigned to me would suck. And I'm in a deep state of denial about Atlantis being moved to Earth.

Pinch hitter?: I might be able to pinch hit. Let's see what happens to my schedule.
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Just a reminder that sign ups close tomorrow, which is Tuesday 9th October. (I'd originally put Sunday 9th in the opening post, but I'm blaming being high on cold and flu medication for that one ::grin:: )

If it's still Tuesday 9th in a corner of the world, then you're still good to sign up :)

Santa Baby!

Oct. 8th, 2012 06:38 pm
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Things I'd like: McShep is my One True Pairing in this fandom, but I would also be delighted by any combination of Sheppard, McKay and Rodney. Teyla is welcome into a threesome or moresome, too. (I just, I'm not a het shipper. But Teyla is awesome, and she should totally have two or more men catering to her every whim, IMHO.) I also utterly adore Zelenka, and love Zelenka/McKay, or Zelenka/Sheppard/McKay. Also, Gen is great.

In terms of storyline, I'm relatively easy. I like funny stuff, fluff, romance (as long as it doesn't fall into the 'stupid misunderstandings' trope), worldbuilding, sensible aliens, mission-fic, and if you think you can do it, I love the kind of fic where either Earth is lost, they're stranded in the Pegasus Galaxy all by themselves, or where they've declared themselves independent from Earth for whatever reason.

Things I wouldn't like: Non-con, very heavy angst, AU, everybody-is-gay, heavy kinks like bloodplay, knifeplay or scat (I'm totally fine with bondage and BDSM, if you want to go the porn route), depression or, specific trigger here, amnesia.

What I can do: I could generally write everything I'm requesting above. I could also write porn, some kinks included (though plot does tend to creep in), I'm good at UST, and I can write angst no problem, I just don't often feel like reading it. I can do all the pairings listed above, as well. I love doing crossovers, but only if I know both source materials reasonably well.

What I can't do: Het, I'm generally terrible at straight up gen, but I'm good at plot with pairings in the background, if that's fine, the specific dislikes listed above as well as the triggers, character-bashing. It's been a while since I watched SGA all the way through, so no episode specific stories, if possible.

Pinch hitter?: If I've turned mine in on time, it'd be fine to ask me, no problem.


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