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Things I'd like: I am a McShep fan. It's all about the snark. John and Rodney, snark, attitude, humour, flirting - and hey, some heat for good measure.

That being said, I would not say no to McKay/Cadman or McKay/Carter fic, especially if the snark factor was way over par and John was somehow introduced into the mix. Yis, that would be tasty.

In a completely different direction, I'm also a big fan of bug!John fic and John!Farr verse stories. So. There you have it - options!

Things I wouldn't like: I'd rather not have serious, unresolved angst, pain and suffering. Not that there can't be any angst, and I'm not opposed to a little twisting in the wind - I just want it to be all resolved in the end. Well, at least mostly. Like, say, at least 85% contented ever after (till the next time shit blows up, anyway.)

What I can do: I prefer to write McShep, or straight up team!fic as well. Humour and snark are the best or me. I'm willing to write to any heat level.

What I can't do: Crack!fic. Femslash. Heavy dark angst. While I can write sex scenes, I'm probably not the best choice for PWP or HOTHOTHOT NC17.

Pinch hitter?: probably not. I'm terrible on short deadlines.
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Things I'd like: Definitely a story with a John/Rodney pairing, first time or established relationship. I love angst and hurt/comfort but must have a happy ending. I love team friendship, exploring Atlantis or new worlds. I don't mind a Christmas/seasonal holiday theme. Am happy with BDSM if the characters are in a loving, caring relationship and could really picture a bossy top!Rodney. Preferably an Atlantis/Pegasus based story. I also enjoy episode related fics. I like most of the main characters but somehow never warmed to Keller, Ford was fun and I liked Carter too.

Things I wouldn't like: No permanent disability, crack, pwp, kink, infidelity, betrayal, break-up, gratuitous sex or genderswap. No sad ending or non-canon deaths (unless they're bad guys). No character bashing. No angst/hurt without plenty of comfort. No out of character portrayals, ie, you can make the boys cry but it must be realistic to the character and situation as I can't see either of them falling apart easily.

What I can do: Mild slash or gen with John/Rodney as a pairing or as friends, preferably as the main characters or with the team, any other background pairings, deaged fic, willing to try mpreg. Exploring, adventure, angst, hurt/comfort. Would prefer to write an Atlantis/Pegasus based story but am willing to turn my hand to Earth-based story or AU if the author has given an idea of what they would like to see. I'm happy to do background research for a story to make it as realistic as possible but would prefer not to venture too deeply into military, scientific or medical areas.

What I can't do: I haven't written much in the SGA universe, although I've watched all seasons, however I am still getting used to writing them so I would prefer to stick to the main characters that I'm more familiar with. I haven't much experience in writing overly explicit scenes, porn, rape, non-con, kink or BDSM, etc. No SGU, I've never watched it. No crossovers either (unless they're SG1, NCIS or H50) as I'm not a great television watcher so it's unlikely I'll know who the characters are.

Pinch hitter?: Wouldn't like to commit myself at this stage as it would depend how my own story was going and how crazy work was but am willing to be approached if you're stuck.


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