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Things I'd like:

John/Rodney: - I love these two guys! I'll be happy with anything you come up with. I'm okay with both first time, and established relationship. I do prefer that the focus of the story not be entirely about romance. I like the guys doing things, exploring Atlantis, stumbling into danger, getting themselves into and out of trouble. I also like having Teyla and Ronon in the story, but not as yentas. A Team story with a side of John/Rodney would be excellent! But as I said, I'd be happy with anything with John/Rodney.

Rodney/Teyla: I really wish there had been more canon with just these two. I think they have a very interesting dynamic, and I always wonder how their relationship developed from strangers to friends/teammates. I'm absolutely fine with a gen friendship fic! I'd love a story with Rodney and Teyla teaming together to save the day. It would be really interesting to see Rodney and Teyla pitted against John and Ronon -- but no prank war or shipping, I'd like this scenario to be strictly gen.

If you're inclined to write Rodney/Teyla in a relationship, please don't vilify Jennifer or Kanaan.

I also wouldn't mind a domestic fic where Rodney, Teyla and Torren do something together, and Rodney discovers how much he loves the little guy. Teyla/Kanaan is fine for this one. Uncle Rodney with Torren would be very sweet!

General things I like: Rereading the above, I guess it's obvious that I love the Team. A gen team fic would be awesome! I like all of the canon AUs, such as Mensaverse and Vegasverse. I have a real soft spot for any type of Conversion AU. I like stories that explore Atlantis. Also stories that explore Pegasus culture. Kitten/Cat fic - Rodney getting a kitten or some Pegasus version of a cat would be great!

The thing that's really important to me is that you have fun with the story you write. I'm really easy going, and it makes me very happy that someone is writing a story for me!

Things I wouldn't like: Character bashing of any kind. I have my preferences, but that doesn't mean I want the other characters turned into convenient villains. I don't want any kind of break-up story. Deal with Jennifer as Rodney's friend after an amicable break-up well in the past, if you want. Or they never got together. No ugly break-up scenes or infidelity of any kind. No deathfic, permanent mutilation, brain damage or amnesia, scat, watersports, or humiliation. I like angst that leads to a well earned happy ending. No excessive whump with little comfort.

What I can do: John/Rodney with a focus on romance and the development of their relationship, or something more plotty. I can write fluff, but I can also do something fairly angsty leading to a happy ending. I can't do anything in my Things I wouldn't like list. Sorry, but if I write any sex at all, it would be pretty vanilla. I seem to have lost my kink muse.

I can also do gen Team (Rodney+Ronon+Teyla+John) fic. I can do plot! It might not be exceptionally complicated, but I can definitely do some action/adventure. I can do some exploration of Atlantis or Pegasus cultures. I will make sure that all four Team members get a chance to shine. I can also do a more domestic story with the Team spending down time together, maybe with Kanaan, Torren and/or Amelia.

What I can't do: Elizabeth, Radek, Carson, Lorne, Jennifer, Woolsey in a prominent role. I'm fine with them in supporting roles. I regret that I can't do kink. I can't do extreme whump, or anything that ends with permanent damage to any character. No deathfic.

Pinch hitter?: No, sorry.

ETA: I think I need a tag for Torren.
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Things I'd like: John/Rodney, John/Rodney/Jennifer, Rodney/Teyla, Rodney/Ronon, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, teamfic, Ronon-centric gen fic, Teyla-centric gen fic (it's cool if you've got some background Teyla/Kanaan in there), Sam-on-Atlantis-centric gen fic, and any combination of the above you like. My favorite thing to read about is found family and friendship, and I am totally down with some porn on the side. Humor and snappy dialogue a plus. A little angst on the way to a happy ending is cool. If it's your thing, I like safe, sane, consensual, and affectionate kink - sex not required. Explicit verbal consent is sexy. AUs are fabulous. Most of all, I would enjoy a fic that you, Secret Santa, enjoy writing.

Things I wouldn't like: Character bashing. Dystopias. Unhappy endings. Noncon, dubcon, or infidelity/betrayal. No torture, scat, or watersports in my kink. Aside from the pairings I listed above, I'd prefer any other pairings be canon and preferably in the background.

What I can do: I would be delighted to write any of the pairings I listed above (John/Rodney, John/Rodney/Jennifer, Rodney/Teyla, Rodney/Ronon, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla), team fic, or character-driven gen fic. I'm most interested in writing about the team, individual or together, shippy or not. I could also write about Jeannie. NC-17 or most kink is fine (see exceptions below). I love writing humor (snarky banter yay), can do fluff or angst, and prefer a happy ending. I can write ace characters, poly relationships, and characters with disabilities. Wacky hijinks in the Pegasus galaxy also doable. Canon is fun, but AU is awesome, too. And if someone is really yearning for it, I can write alpha/beta/omega dynamics.

What I can't do: No Carson, no Ford, no Elizabeth, no Lorne, no Woolsey, please. Aside from Rodney/Teyla, I'm only really interested in writing canon het pairings, and preferably as background pairing in a gen fic. Noncon, dubcon, or infidelity/betrayal. Torture, scat, or watersports. Dystopias, character bashing, and sad endings are also not my cuppa.

Pinch hitter?: Yes.
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I've decided to use this as an opportunity to write something I might not write otherwise. I hope this works out. :)

> LiveJournal: [ profile] lantean_breeze
> E-mail: ((given to moderator))

> Things I'd like: I'd like a nice story featuring Teyla, John, Ronon, and the Wraith somehow. Their amount of involvement is of course up to you; it can be a little or fairly significant, but I'd rather that it not outshine Teyla, Ronon, and John.  You can include other characters (NOT Todd, although I like him, but he can be referenced) if you like, so long as their time in the story is very limited. I mainly just want some kind of adventure or nice quiet story that involves just these three, but I love everybody. ;) You can include sexuality (NO Kanaan please, although I like him), but please be very tasteful about it, make it meaningful, and do not let it BE the story. That would be very welcome from me. :)

A good example of something that could work for me, or a prompt if you will, is if Teyla and Ronon were an item in the past, but now she's moved on to John and Ronon has to deal with that and still be friends with and work with her and John. Some flashbacks of Teyla and Ronon interacting as a couple intimately and regularly could be worked in the story through memories or something like that. Then you could write some kind of scene where John and Teyla have some romantic time together before and/or after the main adventure/encounter with the Wraith. An NC-17 rating will not do because I do not like raunch or gore. I prefer PG-13 and rated R stories mostly, and that's what I like to write. For a sample of my writing, if you are interested, I am also at under lanteanbreeze (no underscore). I should have another story up in a few weeks. This one will be lengthy for me (about 8 chapters).

> So, to summarize this, I would like:

> 1. Teyla, John, and Ronon story or adventure.
> 2. Involve the Wraith somehow, except Todd.
> 3. Some romance/love is nice and desired (see my prompt) but it can't BE the story.
> 4. Do your best, and I'll be happy. I promise. :)

> Things I wouldn't like: If sexuality is involved, I prefer John/Teyla and don't want to see a threesome with Ronon, but a little bit of Teyla/Ronon (as long as it's not more than John/Teyla and doesn't make Teyla look slutty) is ok. I don't want Teyla, Ronon, or John seriously injured/sick or dying. No character bashing please.  I don't want crack fics or anything silly, but a few laughs are ok. I don't want John or Ronon with anyone else but Teyla if you pair them with someone. I don't want Teyla in the background. She needs to have a major role in this story (She's my favorite). And no AU or crossover stories, please.  I really would like the story to focus on the three of them. 

> To summarize this, I don't want:

> 1. Teyla in the background. She needs to play a major role.
> 2. John or Ronon with anyone but Teyla in a love/sexual way, and Teyla can't be slutty or look bad.
> 3. AU/Silly/Crack/Crossover/Kid stories. Something serious with perhaps a few laughs is nice. No bashing.
> 4. No gore/raunch/threesomes or orgies (NC-17).

> What I can do: I can write for just about any character, I think. Keller and Elizabeth for this might be a challenge, though. I don't mind writing some sexuality so long as it's not the basis of the story, and I don't do threesomes or orgies. I like meaningful one-on-one relationships. I am willing to write for gay and straight pairings. Although Teyla is my favorite character, I can write for someone else as the main focus. I can do playful or serious stories or small adventures.

> What I can't do: I don't do threesomes or orgies, and I don't do NC-17 stories (at least not for this challenge). Since I have a het preference of John/Teyla, please do not ask me to write John with another woman. That ain't happenin'. I don't have a gay preference, so that's no big deal to me, but I prefer het. I don't know what fandoms we might have in common outside of this one, so I'm going to say no to writing crossovers. I don't write gory stories. I try to keep bloodshed and serious injuries to a realistic minimum. I can't write for a list of a thousand preferences. Please keep your request to 2-5 things you really want. I do more with less. If you give me a list of 50 things you really want, I'll spend my time trying to make that list manageable and the story I write will suffer for it. I don't think you want that, and neither do I. Getting a prompt or prompts would be helpful. If you write fan fiction, I'll try to read a story or two of yours to get a feel for you, or if you have an account I might check out your favorites to see what you like. I'm interested in expanding my horizons a little, and I figured this challenge (and having a deadline) might be a good way to do that. So, I'd like this to be nice for the both of us.

> Pinch hitter?: Unfortunately, no. I've got waaaaay too much going on as it is, lol.

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Livejournal: mandykaysfic
E-mail: mandyfyn at hotmail dot com
Things I'd like: Happy endings, humour, romance, first times, Ancient tech, exploring Atlantis, Pegasus culture, wings, tentacles, mpreg, supernatural themes, crossovers with Star Trek, Christmas or Pegasus holiday gift giving. AUs are fine. Aliens made them do something and voyeurism with happy outcomes are the dub-con type of things I like. Gen's fine. All ratings are fine
Pairings/characters I like include McShep, Lorne/Parrish, Sheppard/Lorne, Lorne/Ronon, Ronon/Keller, Lorne/Cadman, Cadman/Katie Brown, Carter/Keller, Sheppard/Carter, McKay/Carter, Lorne's Team, threesomes, OT4, the girls team, Jeannie, Madison, scientists doing something science-y.
Things I wouldn't like: Wraith, deathfic, non-con, humiliation, kink involving scat, watersports, bloodplay
What I can do: Anything listed in things I like
What I can't do: John/Ronon, Cam in anything SGA, anything in the things I wouldn't like
Pinch hitter?: Probably not.


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