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Things I'd Like: I like a lot of things and I'm pretty easy to please, but to help inspire my secret santa, here are some of my favorites: episodic fic, team!fic, canon-compliant or canon-divergent fic (as opposed to a total AU or AR, although in-canon AUs/ARs like Vegas!verse are good), hurt/comfort, unexplored backstory, character development, crack!fic, crack-y ideas that somehow morph into something more serious, asexual characters, gender-bending or gender-swap, poly, OT3/OT4, ensemble fic where multiple characters have a hand in the overall story, kink, and porn! \o/ I also love mpreg, but I like reactions to it to be realistic and congruent with the characters' personalities, etc. Mostly prefer slash (followed by het followed by femslash followed by gen). I like characters being smart and kicking ass; I like agency and internal conflict and subtle humor/plot twists. Some of my favorite episodes are Sateda, Childhood's End, The Siege II, The Last Man, The Brotherhood, Vegas, Tabula Rasa, and Conversion.

I love every character on the Expedition, so you can't go wrong there. I also love Keras, Todd, and sometimes Michael. And Allina! :D I'd love to see Ford leading an off-world team, or Weir going on a mission in a capacity other than leader, or any kind of Wraith history or mythology or culture; also, Jonas in Atlantis, anything that explores Sheppard's connection to the Wraith, or cultural extrapolations based on canon (what do we not know about Sateda, Athos, Keras' world, et cetera?).

For pairings, I mostly read John/Rodney and rare pairs such as John/Keras, Rodney/Aiden, and Lorne/Zelenka (not as rare as the others, but still a smaller pairing). Some other rare pairings I'd like to see: Teyla/Jonas, Ronon/Vala, Ford/Keller, Weir/Kavanagh, Laura Cadman/Katie Brown, and/or any combination of Lorne/Jonas/Kavanagh/Zelenka/Ronon. For canon pairings, I like Teyla/Kanaan and Ronon/Amelia.

Things I Do Not Want: John Sheppard, to me, knows what his feelings are, he just doesn't communicate them very well, so please don't make him emotionally clueless if you write his POV. Nothing supernatural, such as werewolves or vampires. No Sheppard/Weir, no McKay/Keller except as background or past relationship (or on the way to being past), although I do enjoy John/Rodney/Jennifer. No character or kink bashing. As for kinks, I don't want watersports, emetophilia, or scat play. I don't like AMTDI when played for humor; I'm not into soulbonding. No gender-swap for the purposes of "correcting" a same-sex pairing.

Things I Can Do: Pretty much anything. I'm better at angst with a smattering of fluff, rather than complete fluff. Best at episodic fics, angst & hurt/comfort, and action; better at slash but also write het, fem and gen. I love culture-building, character study, and rare pairs, and I enjoy doing experimental things like poetry.

Things I Can't Do: I don't write Sheppard/Weir, and I don't write McKay/Keller except as background or past relationship. Pairings-wise, that's mostly it. I'm not a fan of total AUs/ARs, nor do I care much for werewolves/vampires/etc. I don't character bash. I don't write watersports, emetophilia, or scat play; I'm iffy on AMTDI (if I write it, I don't play it for laughs).

Pinch-hit? Perhaps. We'll see what happens!
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Things I'd like: Ronon Dex/Carson Beckett/Radek Zelenka, Ronon Dex/Rodney McKay/Radek Zelenka, Carson Beckett/Ronon Dex, Steven Caldwell/John Sheppard, John Sheppard/Radek Zelenka, Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka, Ronon Dex/Radek Zelenka, Jack/Steve/John (crossover with SG-1?)

I’m open to any rating, but I’d strongly prefer not to receive a PWP fic. My preference would be that any story take place before season three or in an ambiguous time frame. I don't have much in the way of specifics that I'd like to see with most of the pairings except Steven Caldwell/John Sheppard - I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of relationship that begins really messed up. Like say Caldwell coerces John into a relationship (maybe Caldwell was under the effect of the goa'uld). Or alternatively maybe Caldwell is there when the bug thing happens. I'd like feelings to eventually develop though.

With Ronon I like stuff that explores the fact that he's not from Earth and that he's suddenly in a culture that's very different from anything he's known. I also like seeing him in a protective role. I love bug!John and other transformations. I love it when John's "cured" but still has some of the bug features/attributes.

General likes: relationship driven rather than action driven stories, relationships that don’t follow the normal pattern (ex. fuck buddies to friends to something more), relationships that aren’t perfect but work, poly relationships (and not just in terms of porn, but real, lasting relationships), outside POVs, queer issues, exploration of sexuality, h/c with no easy fix (rape recovery, impotence, disability, PTSD, etc), plot over pwp, trust (how it develops, what harms it, issues related to it, etc.), age differences, slow developing relationships (UST is awesome!), angst with explanation, not just angst for the sake of angst, hopeful if not happy endings, dark stories (including heavy content like apocalypse, death, etc.), snark and witty banter, characters showing their intelligence, non-human characters portrayed as such, characters who are not perfect, working out challenges in intercultural relationships, characters outside their comfort zone

Things I wouldn't like: first and second person POVs, fluff and humor on their own, magic penis makes everyone’s problems go away, genderbending, significant humiliation or embarrassment (during sex or outside it), domestic violence, infidelity, graphic mpreg, graphic noncon/torture (I don't mind noncon/violence as long as there's a point, and it's not between the couple unless something like amtdi is involved.), modern Aus, character bashing, crack, scat, vomit, necrophilia, vore

What I can do: Slash, any combination of Sheppard/Dex/Beckett/Zelenka/McKay/Lorne/Mitchell EXCEPT John/Rodney or Lorne/Mitchell on their own, I'm not afraid of writing kink*, and enjoy writing h/c and angst

What I can't do: Same as things I wouldn't like

Pinch hitter?: Maybe, feel free to ask

*Non-exhaustive list of kinks I like/can write: clothing kink (half-dressed sex, sex where one person's naked and the other not, uniforms), scars, rough sex (biting, marking, bruising),light blood play, size kink, fisting, sounding, sex toys, exhibitionism/voyeurism, barebacking, stubble (beards) and body hair in general, foreplay (drawn out), begging, nipple play, BDSM, d/s, rimming, sensation play, frottage, impotence, piercings/tattoos, fuck or die, AMTDI, prostitution, pushy bottoms, rape recovery, fucked out and messy, cum play, watersports, enemas, edging, chastity devices and orgasm denial in general
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Things I'd like: John/Rodney please. I love all variety of AU's, with a special love for schoolau's and fantastyau's. Crossovers and fusions, harlequin, and regency romance are also very nice. I love canon-based fic as well, team!fic, first!time, kid!fic, genderbenders (with a special fondness for Meredith fic), as well as bottom and/or sub Rodney (so obviously kink is a go too). I like de-aged fic, bamf!Rodney, fluff, humor, pwps, and most cliches -  AMTDI, marriage of convenience, telepathy, were-animals, etc.
Things I wouldn't like: Character death, unhappy endings, infidelity, incest, or Mensa AU's. John or Rodney with someone else (though if my Santa has an idea with that element and really wants to write it, please no explicit John/Other or Rodney/Other). No watersports/scat play.
What I can do: John/Rodney PWP or fluff. I'm willing to try my hand at any other pairing or even gen fic.
What I can't do: John or Rodney with someone other than each other.
Pinch hitter?: Since this is my first year of participation, I don't want to take on too much - so no, sorry.
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Things I'd like: A fic in which Elizabeth Weir is smart and/or awesome and/or the hero of the day in the Pegasus Galaxy. Gen is fine/my preference, if you want to write a pairing that's fine with me too. (Is this too short?) (If you want to fix-it the whole 'hanging out in space' thing, that'd work for me, too. Canon-divergence is good, if that works for you. (I only just joined the fandom so I don't have an OTP yet, but if you want to write romance/a relationship, make it Sheppard/Weir or Weir/Jackson?)

Things I wouldn't like: A complete AU, non-con, BDMS, NC-17. Other people having relationships in various combinations is fine with me. No sad endings please.

What I can do: I'm going to say GEN please, or Weir/Sheppard or Weir/Jackson for now, as I am new here and still finding my feet - these I know I can do, getting out of my comfort zone more will have to wait until next year. :-)

What I can't do: NC-17, BDSM, non-con, evil Elizabeth.

Pinch hitter?: err, depends on when I get my fic finished etc so ... maybe?
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Things I'd like: Happy endings :D no permanent breakage please :). McKay/Sheppard; Teyla, Keller, Sam Carter kicking arse and taking names without the guys bumbling along. Teamfic :) AUs, fusions, adventures, first times, established relationships, pwps. People taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions, for saving their own necks and not being helpless. Smart is hot :)
Things I wouldn't like: No non-con, please, no mpreg or kids. No Beckett. I'd prefer to not have McKay/Keller, but no Keller bashing either, thankee.
What I can do: can write slash & femslash as long as Beckett's not involved; het as long as Sheppard or McKay aren't one of the het pairing. Will write au, kink, xover (as long as I know the second fandom).
What I can't do: Can't write Beckett, non-con, scat, mpreg, kids, unhappy endings.
Pinch hitter: I don't think so, sorry.
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Things I'd like:
Gen: Explorations of Pegasus or Wraith cultures, languages, and traditions, and relations between Atlantis and Pegasus seen from non-Earth perspectives. Tell me about the Asgard in Pegasus, or Chaya (whatever happened to her?), or the daily life of Marie the nurse (I love her)!
Relationships: I like John: John/Parrish, John/Woolsey, John/Ronon, John/Cam, female!Sheppard/Carter, John/Rodney, John/Vala, John/Bill Lee ♥ ; John/Teyla/Kanaan, John/Cam Mitchell/Vala, John/Rodney/Jennifer (the OT3 of my heart); OT4.
Things I like: Creative kink with negotiation, trying new things, pushing limits. I love characters who are asexual, queer, poly, trans, genderqueer, or disabled and how they belong in the SG universe and in their relationships. Complicated relationships, where the characters behave like adults. AUs, especially in canon alternate realities: Road Less Taken, Continuum, Tao of Rodney, Daedalus Variations, Vegas. Apocafic is always good. Conversion!John, repli!John, and clones always have potential. Basically, I love ideas: if there's a trope you've always wanted to subvert, go for it! Format-wise, I love fic, art, vids, podfic, pretty much everything.
Things I wouldn't like: I am not really fond of Carson or Elizabeth. I don't like OTT woobification or miraculous recoveries (go ahead and permanently damage or kill the characters; I enjoy having my heart broken). No vampires, elves, zombies, were-anything, or other supernatural; no soulbonding. No crossovers with other TV shows or films (if your muse is demanding it, ask me first? A lot of popular stuff I have not seen). Not fond of fanon cliches (lemon chicken shunning, prime not prime). No character or kink bashing.
What I can do: Fic. Gen, slash, femslash, het (prefer McKeller or John/someone), ratings from G to NC17. I have seen all of SGA, most of SG1, and all of SGU. I can write kinkfic, rare pairs, mpreg, fpreg (have never written f/fpreg but am willing!), kidfic, dubcon, noncon, kink, partner betrayal, character death, whump, underage (teen AUs, etc.) -- it's all good, if you love it I'll write it.
What I can't do: No political or mystery thrillers or military-themed fic, please (outside areas of my expertise). No character or kink bashing. I am not strong or experienced at writing Carson, Lorne, or Elizabeth. No crossovers outside of SG. I'm not into holidays, so I'm probably not the best bet for Christmas-themed fic.
Pinch hitter?: Yes, possible, prefer post-deadline (after exams for me)
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Things I'd like: I like anything with Sheppard, including John/Rodney, John/Ronon, John/Cam. Prefer slash overall, but I also like het if it's John/Teyla or John/Vala. But really, almost anyone with Shep's good - Woolsey, Larrin, The Colonel :) *crosses fingers*
I like threesomes and foursomes so Rodney/Jennifer/John is great, as is teamy OT4. Any rating, and kink is great. I don't mind PWP but I'd prefer it to be written as a character study rather than porn for porn's sake. I'd love humor, but I know that's a big ask. Ideally not over-the-top crack, though. I know they've been done to death, but I still love AMTDI and aphrodisiac/sex pollen stories. And amnesia, as long as there's a positive ending. Dub-con is great, but I prefer heavier non-con to be fantasy/roleplaying rather than "real" Shep-whump.
Things I wouldn't like: The main people I'd rather not have Sheppard paired with are Elizabeth or Beckett. They're OK as additional characters, but not as the main pairing, thanks. While Gen is fine, I prefer not to receive heavy H/C with loads of H and a tiny bit of C at the end. Gratuitous whump isn't my thing, and prefer not deathfic or heavy angst with no happy or at least okay, resolution. Similarly, I don't like infidelity or betrayal which is left unresolved with everyone miserable.
What I can do: I'll do anything as above, on the "things I'd like" list. I can do humor, sometimes, but if you want that, give me some sort of steer as to a prompt. I like AUs and fusions, and crossovers if I know the other canon. Won't do the Avengers/Marvelverse, or X-Men.
What I can't do: As above - what's on my "wouldn't like" list I'd rather not so, also not so great at pure canon "could have been a real episode" stories.
Pinch hitter?: Maybe? I tend to get overcommitted, but might be able to help.


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