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Things I'd like: I've been feeling diverse lately, so pairing-wise, here's what I'm thinking: McShep (will forever be my OTP); John/Rodney/Jennifer (has really grown on me); Teyla/Elizabeth (I keep hoping); Lorne/Zelenka (my secondary OTP); Ronon/Zelenka (my second secondary OTP); Cadman/anybody but John or Rodney (I like Cadman, what can I say?); Chuck/anybody (for real, anybody); Miko/anybody (yes, really!); some random pairing I would never have thought of before but you can make work with some strange superpower you have (busaikko, I'm looking at you). I would also happily receive gen - especially if it features one of the folks mentioned up there or Jeannie, or team-centric fic. Oh, that reminds me, I love OT4 too.

Theme/genre-wise, here's what I'm thinking: harlequin AU; college AU; any other AU you can think of (flight crew, Olympic bobsled team, kinky toy-makers, running an alpaca farm, you name it); crack (wrinkles, cars, clouds, items in a department store, whatever); action/adventure (in canon or not - I love action/adventure of all sorts); heists (by themselves or as a crossover/fusion with Oceans 11, White Collar, Leverage or some other heist-y canon - or try to set it in SGA canon! What fun!); zombie apocalypse (or other things in that vein - I will always love were-animal fic (I have a personal favorite DM trick known as were-pikachu)); twisty dark!fic (happy or non-happy ending, I'm good either way); kink (especially bondage - or even more especially, non-sexual kink is a *thing* of mine); first times (never get old for me); a new twist on an old trope (I have nothing else to add here, hm); something that will make me cry (sadness or joy, either way); something that you've always wanted to take on as a writer but never had the excuse to do; wacky crossovers/fusions. Are you the person that could convert me to mpreg? I've been waiting for it to happen! Basically, anything goes as long as you love writing it.

ETA: A note about ratings: I love and cherish any fic, whether or not there is porn in it. If you love porn, then by all means, write me a PWP, or story with lots of sexytimes! If you are uncomfortable or prefer not to write porn, then gen is fine - or any rating in-between. I like kissing and making out and other PG-13ish stuff, so really - I just want you to write what you want and feel comfortable with. Including if you want to stretch yourself and write something you've never tried before - go for it! Let me be the reason you write your first kinky scene, or your first gen story, or your first teenies-making-out fic. Also! I don't mind other things making it higher rating - violence, mindfuck, things that require warnings - I can take anything you can dish out (except scat), so have at. When I say whatever, I really mean it.

Things I wouldn't like: Scat is the only thing left on this list. I ask if you choose not to write McShep not to write them ending up with anyone else (except canon Rodney/Jennifer or with Chuck or Miko). I also dislike character or 'ship bashing, so if you don't like someone or some pairing, please just don't include them.

What I can do: McShep, John/Rodney/Jennifer, OT4, Lorne/Zelenka, Ronon/Zelenka. Gen featuring any major or secondary character except Ford or Carson, team gen. Any rating from G to NC17. I'm good with AUs or canon and happy to write most genres.

What I can't do: Scat. Mpreg. I'd prefer to do the pairings listed above, but I will try others if you're having trouble matching (or most especially for pinch hits).

Pinch hitter?: Absolutely! I love pinch hitting - and often do better with it than my original story because I'm a weirdo deadline person.
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Things I'd like: I *love* kink! I *love* bottom!John and submissive!John so any combination of those things is made of win! As for pairings, slash, het or OT4 are all fine. Or threesomes. Really, John with most anyone - Ronon, Rodney, Teyla, Lorne, Cam Mitchell, Sam, Jennifer. I've read 'em all! Spanking and medical kink e.g. enemas would be especially cool.
Things I wouldn't like: Not really a fan of John/Elizabeth, sorry. And no body alteration or loss of limbs or disfigurement in that medical kink. No death fic or angst, please.
What I can do: I tend to write what I like so see above!
What I can't do: Again, if I don't like it, I won't write it.
Pinch hitter?: Sorry, one fic will really be my limit.
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Things I'd like: At my core, I'm a slash guy.  I love McShep and Porne (Parrish/Lorne) both, because there's so much that can be done with both.  And I love AUs as well.  And while yes, there've been a ton of McShep AUs, there're actually very few Porne AUs.  I'm a sucker for kid!fic (where the boys adopt/etc a kid or two), though I'm iffy about MPREG (I like some, I don't like others).  And anything schmoopy would be awesome; I love first-time and romance.
Things I wouldn't like: Stories where McShep or Porne aren't the main coupling.  I also don't like death!fic or BDSM, and as I said, probably not MPREG.
What I can do: 95% of what I write is slash, and generally "happy" fic with lots of humor.  I love writing McShep or Porne myself, and will occasionally (I'm looking at you, [ profile] clwilson2006!) write Porndex (Parrish/Lorne/Dex threesome fic), though Parrish & Lorne is just about the only coupling I can throw Dex into (though I can try - just not with McKay or Sheppard!).  I can write other slash pairings sometimes, when properly motivated (mostly Chuck/OMC).
What I can't do: I can't write dark!fic unless I'm really, really in the mood for it, and won't write death!fic or BDSM.  I really can't write Keller.
Pinch hitter?: Absolutely!  I did last year, and it was great!
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Things I'd like: John/Teyla, epic action/adventure with relationship, Teyla-as-hero, a story where Teyla is the central character and John happens to be the "girl" she gets along the way to solving the problem and saving the galaxy. Failing John/Teyla, I would also love and adore Teyla-centric gen, Teyla-centric friendship, Teyla-centric pairings (with the exception marked below), and/or female characters (at least Teyla) saving the day and kicking physical or metaphorical ass along the way. Action, drama, humour, romance, whatever! I always hang out for an epic action/adventure relationship fic, but y'know, funny and fluffy works, too!
Some links:
- A guide to writing for me
- Writing for me in a general ficathon (or: my specific and general requests and what they mean)
genderswapped narrative tropes and me
Things I wouldn't like: Sheppard/Weir, Sheppard/McKay, Teyla/Ronon.
What I can do: Gen. Any pairing but the Do Not Wants above. I'm better with Teyla, the team, and the female characters, but can write most characters with some degree of success.
What I can't do: Pairings listed above.
Pinch hitter?: Probably not unless you have someone who wants John/Teyla or Teyla.
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What I would like: I adore all things John/Rodney. I love a happy ending, but angst and h/c along the way is good, (mmhhhh yummy H/C!!) as long as they do finally get that happy ending. I love AUs and the whole Harlequin genre.

I adore Vegas John. I love the idea of replicator/android/clone Rodney finding his humanity or being aware of the limits of his genius because he is a clone/android/replicator. I love it when John is either inept, inexperienced, completely repressed or just really really bad in bed and Rodney isn't. I love stories where the way John treats Rodney (kind of like a school bully) with the constant teasing/hazing/jokes about lemmons ect is addressed and overcome. I like crossovers with SG1 or with a completely non-SciFi genre, say like NCIS or Criminal Minds investigating the, even for a combat zone, extra high levels of deaths, or someone higly connected finding out that the story of their lost son or daughter's death is a cover story and suspecting a different kind of conspiracy, putting the wierd world of SGA under the microscope, and or being the catalyst for the John/Rodney relationship. I adore post conversion stories where John is still part bug but is afraid to reveal it and this makes him even more repressed. And pining, I love a good pining story where one of them is sadly resigned to never having what they want, and the other is completely oblivious. Or wow! Combine those last two with pining bug!John all droopy antenae and giving off sad little bursts of please love me bug pheromones.

What I don't like: Stories where John and Rodney are or become children or teenagers, although I don't mind the whole ancient gizmo turns Rodney into his cute twenty-something self plot, as long as it turns him back again. I don't like stories that make Keller unrealistically the bad guy in order to get John and Rodney together.

What can I give: I'll write most kinds of John/Rodney from fluffy vanilla to kinky and mildish S&M (but not too hard core, and I'm no good at writing top John/sub Rodney for some reason I can never get that to work!) I would have a go at any kind of supporting cast or crossover (as long as the cross is something accessible via you tube for research)

Pinch Hitter: It will totally depend on whether my own story is already finished.
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Things I'd like: Lorne/Parrish, or if you can't do that Lorne Gen. did I mention Lorne in my stocking? I have a secret yearning for wing!fic. Minor Character are WIN, particularly Parrish, Zelenka, Miko, Cadman, Mehra, Teldy, Porter, Markham, Stackhouse etc. for Lorne/Parrish I really like to see a competant!Parrish, even one that goes all out to get his major, I would really love a His Dark Materials fusion (where they all have Deamons) or a Sentinel fusion (Sentinel/Guide Pairings) featuring minor characters - these fusions have been done to death with the main team. of course my prefered sentinel pairing is Lorne/Parrish. Generally domestic fic or angsty h/c ae my favourite tropes.
Things I wouldn't like: MCShep, Non-Con, apocolypse fic, MPreg or baby!fic. extreme kinks - skat, watersports, medical kink and bloodplay are all no-no's
What I can do: I prefer to write minor characters and Lorne/anyone NOT KAVANAUGH
What I can't do: MCShep, badguys (canon or a regular turned evil) non-con, apocolypse fic, baby!Fic, AU's
Pinch hitter?: No, sorry

can we get a lorne/parrish request tag, or is he still "other"
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Things I'd like (one of, not all of!):
-Sora and Ford survive and meet up, then go on to be brilliant and daring together somehow (but not have sex)
-Keller/Vega fix-it fic where Vega doesn't die. Or AU where they live together with their dog
-What do the secondary characters get up to together (Cadman, Lorne, Katie Brown, Nurse Marie, Dr Simpson, Keller, Vega's team)
-Vega's team bonding (preferably before she dies)
-Femslash involving any combination of Keller, Cadman, Brown, Vega, Carter, Teyla; if you need a prompt, how about midnight in the city

More generally, I like 'normal' AUs (they all work in a bookshop, for example, not they're all superheroes); friendship; established relationships; hurt-comfort; stories about being queer and queer communities; everyone being smart in their own way

Things I wouldn't like:
-Mcshep (unrequited, in the past, hints of, actual pairing)
-X is only with Y because they can't be with Z
-Elizabeth/Carson/Rodney centric fic
-Character death/non-con including aliens make them do it/pregnancy (though existing kids are fine)
-Keller staying on Earth after season 5, Cadman being broken-hearted over Carson (I see them as being a fling, not a serious relationship)

What I can do:
-Any combination of Keller/Carter/Katie Brown/Cadman/Vega/Teyla/Sora
-Gen/friendship involving any of those characters
-Any genre not listed in 'I can't do'

What I can't do:
-Elizbaeth/Rodney/Carson-centric fic
-Action/adventure, crackfic

Pinch hitter?: Probably
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Livejournal, Dreamwidth and AO3: rinkafic

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Things I'd like: Sheppard/Lorne, Sheppard/Mitchell, Mitchell/Lorne, Lorne/Parrish.  Sheppard/Cadman.  Lorne/Parrish/Cadman/Porter.   Slash.  Pron.  Hot sexy love.  I like fics, wallpapers and banners.

Things I wouldn't like: I'm pretty easy.  I pretty much ship everyone.  Except Kolya.  Please don't give me Kolya for Christmas, Santa.

What I can do:  FIC.  I can do almost any SGA pairing.  I can do Sam/Jack.  I'm ok with Sam/Cam.  I can muddle through most SGA & SG-1 pairings, with varying degrees of success.  I write slash, I write Gen through NC-17.  I tend towards AUs as a default setting.

What I can't do: Please don't ask me to write serious McKay (although slashy McShep is ok) or Daniel Jackson, with November in the way, I won't have brain cells to write them. They take all my energy.  I'm not fond of Kolya.  I find Weir hard to write.  Not very good with fight scenes, realistic science or technobabble.

Pinch hitter?: Depending on other obligations and time constraints at the time.  I'm willing, able is up in the air.
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Things I'd like: I'd love something John-centric set after EatG. I also have a huge weakness for first times and new discoveries. I like angst as long as there's a reasonable happy (or at least hopeful) ending. If you want to go AU, I'd prefer something set in the Vegas universe.

When it comes to shipping I'm open to most John pairings, although this year I'd be particularly interested in John/Vala, post-EatG John/Nancy, John/Ronon/Teyla or even some psychologically interesting John/Caldwell. If that's too difficult, pairing him up with Ronon is always a safe bet with me. I should also mention that while I adore John (and how!), I'd prefer it if there wasn't a one-sided focus on his feelings and needs. He should have something to offer his partner too. The same obviously goes for friendship stories.

When it comes to gen, I'd enjoy a story about John reconnecting with Dave Sheppard, or just something about the Sheppard family in general. Basically, if it's canon-compliant Sheppard backstory, I'm interested (extrapolating from what we know from canon is fantastic, making shit up because you prefer your own personal canon is not).

Things I wouldn't like: Carson, Elizabeth or Rodney as major characters, Rodney and Carson background pairings (the same goes for Lorne/Parrish, Lorne/Zelenka and Markham/Stackhouse), character bashing, whump for the sake of whump, weepiness, unhappy endings, slacker/surfer dude John, 100%gay!John, caveman!Ronon, yenta!Teyla, porn for the sake of porn, crack (but since this is Stargate we're talking about, there's admittedly a lot of leeway here), humiliation, people acting like idiots for the sake of cheap angst (that means no breakups caused by stupid misunderstandings or someone being asked out as a dare and then finding out or anything else like that).

What I can do: Gen, het, slash, femslash, fluff, angst, humor, kink, crack, AUs, tropes (I'm *awesome* with tropes) crossovers (when I know the source) - I'm pretty versatile. I'm most comfortable writing John, Ronon and Teyla, but I really don't mind stretching my writing muscles a little.

What I can't do: I'd really rather not write anything Rodney, Carson, Radek or Elizabeth centric, although I can write a passable Rodney in a pinch. SG1 crossovers involving the original SG1 would be tricky since I've only watched a handful of episodes pre-season 9.

Pinch hitter?: Yes.


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Things I'd like: I am embarrassed to be so boring, but really: Rodney hurt, physically or emotionally, and being comforted by John, Teyla and Ronon. That's it, basically. I like moody, atmospheric stories, or crisp slice-of-life, or indulgent angst-ridden goo (yay!), slash or gen are my first choices, but as long as poor Rodney is bravely holding back tears while someone's strong/gentle arms envelope those broad shoulders, het is A-OK, too. 
Things I wouldn't like: hmm. No death fic, thanks. 
What I can do: Rodney-centric and team stories, slash or gen. 
What I can't do: I wouldn't be interested in writing a het pairing with Rodney. 
Pinch hitter?: no. 
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Things I'd like: McShep! I like domestic, established, romantic, first times, kid!fic, schmoop, pretty much anything with a happy ending is good by me. I also love team-as-family. And tropes! Tropes are fun - telepathy, marriage of convenience, pretend couple, accidentally dating, pining!John, etc. NC-17 is great, but I'd prefer the schmoop to a pwp. I like AU's (especially retold fairy tales) but I do prefer Atlantis stories (with or without fairy tale elements). Lorne/Parrish and Jack/Daniel (SG-1) being included are excellent as well. I prefer bottom!John if your muse leads you that way.

Things I wouldn't like: Character death, apocalyptic settings, Atlantis separating from Earth, genderflip, infidelity, incest, BDSM, heavy kink, heavy angst - mild angst to make the ending sweeter is fine. Crossovers of the non SG-1 variety. If you do an SG-1 crossover please no pairing Jack or Daniel with anyone but each other (gen is also fine).

What I can do: Slash - McShep, Jack/Daniel, Lorne/Parrish - or gen. I can write het or femmeslash as a background pair as long as it doesn't violate McShep or Jack/Daniel. NC-17, fluff, humor, first time, established.

What I can't do: Pretty much anything on my 'things I wouldn't like' list. Action/adventure, character bashing.

Pinch hitter?: Not this year.


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