Oct. 10th, 2012

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Things I'd like: John/Ronon remains the pairing of my heart, preferably slash or epic bromance if you don't swing the slashy way. Trope-wise I will be forever hung up on character dynamics, backstory and I'm a total sucker for outsider fic and anything that involves communication issues between two characters (whether that's good communication or communication getting screwed up/misinterpreted). Other things there can never be too much of: Ronon and/or John backstory; expansion on Ronon's history in the Satedan army and his relationships with Tyre, Ara and Rakai (and Melena) are things I keep returning to as are John and David Sheppard's relationship either backstory, canon or future fic to your heart's content.

Crossovers with the SGverse (SG1 or SGU) are cool. Jack/Daniel were my OTP in SG1 (but I have an abiding fondness for Cam, Sam, Janet, and Vala too). Crossing further afield Lorne/Colby (from Numb3rs) are a side-pairing, I may have a fondness for Ronon/Eliot (Leverage) and my current fandom rabbithole is TeenWolf (though trying to get the TeenWolf characters onto Atlantis breaks my brain a little bit. And yeah I ship Stiles/Derek).

I will greedily pounce on angst, h/c, dark fic, curtain fic, dubcon, happy endings, humour, first time fic, established relationships, UST, angst with a happy(ish) ending, action/adventure, plotty stories, PWPs. Preference for slash or threesomes/moresomes. As long as John/Ronon (or John & Ronon) remain central I'm good.

Things I wouldn't like: mpreg, kidfic, genderswap, total crack, no deathfic (but if someone is canonically dead and you want to reference it that's cool), hardcore kink as a lifestyle, scat/golden showers. No character bashing. No permanent injury.

What I can do: in SGA primarily I write slash with the emphasis on John/Ronon but I'd take a shot at most slash pairings. Character wise I'd be happiest writing John, Ronon, Teyla, Lorne and Carson. I tend to focus on character interplay so long densely plotted stories are not a huge strength. Alternate realities within the context of the show and episode related fic. Happy to do crossovers if I know the other show/characters (SG1, Numb3rs, Leverage, TeenWolf, possibly SGU).

What I can't do: Femmeslash, outright comedy and crack. Other than that pretty much things in my wouldn't like list - kink as lifestyle, bdsm, D/S, mpreg, kidfic, scat/golden showers.

Pinch hitter?: If I’m done with mine (and my TeenWolf reversebang) I might be able to!
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Things I'd like:slash, Shepherd/Dex is my boat floater and ultimate OTP, but Shepherd/McKay I’ve become accustomed to since there is never enough Shex, affection without being ooc, AU, crossovers and fusions, kink - but not lifestyle, slices of life; Humor, realistic expression of emotion, smut is always good, I’m a sucker for broken Ronon and care giver John. In terms of storyline, I'm relatively easy. I like funny stuff, fluff, romance, mission fic, I do however have quite a thing for them being in Pegasus and cut off from home.

Things I wouldn't like: mpreg, het, torture, harlequin style romances, out of character behaviour . My heart broken in a way that can't be mended, scat/golden showers, hardcore kink; partner betrayal, death.

What I can do: slash of any rating. I've not written in SGA yet but I’m good with the main four and the rest of the gang. team or character based gen. crack. Better with character study than deep plot. I can do UST a whole lot better than smut.

What I can't do:graphic het (and honestly, I'd rather not do a het pairing as the main one), kink as lifestyle, bdsm, basically anything in my wouldn’t like list.

Pinch hitter?: If I’m done with mine, I’m good for a pinch.


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