Oct. 4th, 2012

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Things I'd like:
pairings: I ship Elizabeth with pretty much everybody, but primarily Weir/Cam Mitchell, Weir/Sheppard, Weir/Ronon and Weir/Tealc. Hell, if you want to write Weir/Jack Harkness I'm down with that too haha...and Weir/Carter too I suppose...or Weir/Daniel. I'm a shipper whore (I have a problem I know :P). And if you want to throw all of these pairings together in an orgy go right ahead haha. I also adore Keller/Ronon, probably my SGA OTP. Oh, and Ronon/Tealc...cause the subtext in Midway was just undeniable right.

Non-Romance: I'm a huge fan of gen as well; lady-based gen where all the badass women of SGA (and SG1 if you want) all hang out or save the world or whatever. I love friendship fics (Teyla and Elizabeth ftw). I'm a huge fan of straight up gen fic too, so if you want to write me a casefic go right ahead. I also really love the friendships between Teyla + Ronon and Elizabeth + Carson; but again the lady-friendships are top.

genres: I love AUs and ARs; same characters different worlds and realities, love it. I also love shameless smut if thats your thing.

other stuff: I like strong female characters and I dont like the damsel-in-distress trope or super simpery lady characters in the bedroom.

cliff notes: I love Elizabeth, so write her doing anything (with anyone except Rodney) and I'll love it. Oh, and a happy ending!

Things I wouldn't like: Weir/Rodney...or Rodney anything. Its an unpopular opinion I know, but he's my least favourite character. I also do not read noncon or dubcon; I'm a 100% enthusiastic consent type gal. Mpreg, incest, infidelity. For sex kinks, I tend to be pretty vanilla; I dont mind some light BDSM and weird stuff (Im okaywith bloodplay if you turn them into vampires or something lol). I also dislike character bashing.

What I can do: I'll write Elizabeth with anyone except Rodney. I'll right any female-based gen fic. Other pairings: Teyla/Michael, Keller/Ronon, and if you're having trouble pairing me I can do any femslash too. Oh and I'll write any rating; if someone wants porn, I'm down with the porn :P I can do SG1 crossovers

What I can't do: anything with Rodney (so no McShep please). Mpreg, incest, infidelity, non/dub con, really unique sexual kinks. Oh and no SGU stuff.

Pinch hitter?: sure!
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Dear mods, I stink at tags, if I missed any, please let me know. Thanks

Things I'd like: McShep only please.
NC:17 please, the more graphic the better :) cause I love it! 
I think this year I'll be a little less specific so my Santa can chose from my list or add it all together. Here goes...
I love AU's(either with or without a Stargate, although I've been loving some without a Stargate AU's latey)! Mpreg! First time! Pining/Oblivious (with very sexy sexy happy ending)! Romance! I've found myself reading and usually liking a lot of those harlequin romance type stories lately, so that'd work too. Zombie apocalypse with John and Rodney as either alone(together lol) or the main focus in a small group of survivors. Regular apocalypse where they find one another.  
I like Angst, hurt/comfort, non-con, aliens made them do it. I'm pretty easy to please as long as it's McShep. Also, if there is need for a doctor, make it Carson please, either original or clone.

Things I wouldn't like: Het! Gen! Femslash! Focus on any pairing but McShep! McKeller is a major no-no! John or Rodney with anyone but each other (unless it's just a little bit before the boys realize they should be together :) ) 

What I can do: I only write slash. McShep is where I spend most of my time, but I can also write Markham/Stackhouse. I can write Mpreg, Ailens made them do it, H/C, non-con. Pretty much anything I asked for, I can write.

What I can't do: I can't write Keller and have people still like me. I can't write het or gen and have it be any good. I can't write femslash. Other than that, I'm pretty okay with other stuff. Pretty much, anything I put in my "don't want" section should be repeated in my "can't do" section.
I also suck at writing missions, and team centered fic.

Pinch hitter?: It will probably take me all the time allowed to finish my own story, but in the event that I finish quickly (which isn't likely since I can't seem to write short stories), just ask and I'll see what I can do :)


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