Sep. 29th, 2012

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Things I'd like: OT4 (John/Ronon/Rodney/Teyla), John/Ronon, Ronon-centric, Sam/Jennifer, Weir/Teyla, Jennifer/Teyla, random Sam/Cam hijinks. Any rating, G through NC-17, teamfic, gen (in no particular order, all beloved by me). I prefer off world or Earth post-Atlantis. Happy or sad, dark or light. I love violence and hurt/comfort. I'm easily amused by crackfic and holidayfic.

Things I wouldn't like: No meta or AUs por favor. No Carson, no Lorne. Not a huge fan of minor characters. Otherwise, the sky's the limit. Turn them into pregnant emo butterflies in love with watersports. Rape and kill them. I'm open.

What I can do: I can do anything

What I can't do: Nothing. For every single request so far, I'm like, yes, THIS ONE!

Pinch hitter?: Yes

SGA Santa!

Sep. 29th, 2012 03:59 pm
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Things I'd like: Rodney-centric stories! Prefer slash and love John/Rodney, Rodney/Jack, Rodney/Daniel but would be happy with any Rodney/OMC. I prefer the story to have a PLOT rather than a PWP. I don't mind angst, h/c etc but prefer a happy ending please! Love AUs... magic especially. Like crossovers where I know the other movie/show.
Things I wouldn't like: Not keen on kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic, genderswap
What I can do: I prefer to write slash but will do gen too. Prefer to write Rodney centric stories. Happy to write AUs and crossovers where I know the other movie/TV show.
What I can't do: I have no desire to write het or anything other than Rodney-centric stories. I'd prefer not to write kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic, genderswap.
Pinch hitter?: Really depends on how much free time I have by then so, probably, no.
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Things I'd like: I like gen: friendship, team, and family stories, but also adventure and/or plot. It doesn't have to be a happy story, but it should at least have a hopeful ending.
I love worldbuilding, especially about Pegasus. Anything with an emphasis on Pegasus worlds, societies, their cultures and customs would be great, and if you look at Teyla's and Ronon's background and experiences too even more so.
I'm also a big fan of not-Earth-based AUs. "What if"-stories taking place in Pegasus, fantasy or steampunk or science fiction AUs, magic or robots or ghosts or spaceships or all of that.
My favorite characters are Teyla and Ronon, and I really like Elizabeth and Jennifer too. Aiden Ford and Sora would be a nice bonus, but no addict!Ford if it's an AU, please. I also like the team and all possible interactions among them. Feel free to make everyone more competent than in canon, I like it when characters are smart.

Things I wouldn't like: Character bashing of any kind, and that includes Genii-bashing. Stories that focus mainly on romance. Non-canon pairings. Earth AUs, especially high school AUs and AUs where Ronon and Teyla are from Earth. Vampires or werewolves (but everything else supernatural is fine!) Crossovers, including SG-1/SGU - if you do want to include some SG-1, I'm fond of Vala. Carson or Michael playing a big role. Heavy whump or h/c that's not for the sake of plot. Characters being stupid.

What I can do: Preferably gen, but also light romance (any pairing among the main cast except John/Rodney and Carson/anyone), AUs (but I'm less comfortable if they have to be Earth-based), adventure, friendship

What I can't do: Sex scenes, solely romance-focused stories, crossovers with SG-1/SGU or other shows, heavy whump and h/c, kidfic, military-themed fic, stories focusing on Lorne, Sam, Caldwell, Carson, or Woolsey

Pinch hitter?: No.


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