Sep. 22nd, 2012

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Things I'd like: My OTP is Chuck/Woolsey, but if you're iffy on Woolsey, don't do it :)  I'm also super happy with John/Rodney, John/Cam, John/Sam, Rodney/Carson, and any secondary pairings you can think to throw in there (Parrish/Lorne, Radek/anybody, Rodney/Jennifer, Teyla/Ronon, Ronon/Elizabeth... et al.  I love Beckett: you could throw him in anywhere and I'd be happy).  I'd like a 'ship in the fic, but that doesn't have to be the primary focus.  Any rating is cool - porn is fun, but not when it's just for the sake of porn.  SG1 crossovers are awesome.  Actually, as I think about it, I'd REALLY like John/Sam or John/Cam.  During or after her year in Atlantis, either is fine, or any "history" for the /Cam.  AUs are awesome, so are really well developed "canon" fics.  

Things I wouldn't like: No wraith pairings.  Preferably no femslash as the primary pairing (secondary is fine), and no OT3s, 4s, or moresomes.

What I can do: I can write anything in the traditional SGA world - just about any pairing or rating.  I'm lousy at AUs, so while I'm happy to do slight alterations (give me one change in the timeline and I can totally build from there), I can't create a world from scratch.  I do love to experiment with writing different kinks, so feel free to send that my way.  Kid!fic and mPreg aren't deterrents for me.

What I can't do:  I can't really promise crossovers outside of the SG fandom because I don't watch enough TV (Farscape, Firefly, Star Trek (all), and Warehouse 13 are my only concessions).   Already mentioned that I can't do true AUs.  I'd rather not write any pairings with Wraith, although I will if y'all are desperate.

Pinch hitter?: I'm jobless right now.  Depends on if I've found work in December.  In theory?  Absolutely.
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Things I'd like: Gen please. Team fic would be nice, or friendship fic between any of the Atlantis people. I don't really want to specify anyone in particular because I wouldn't want to limit it to just that pairing. I like most of the cast. I love Zelenka, and Lorne, and Teyla, and I adore Woolsey, and I like all of them really.
Things I wouldn't like: No explicit sex, please. I don't care if it's alluded to, I just don't really want to read it in detail. I have no real aversion to any pairing, or threesome, or anything. No character bashing. Please. I can't stand it. I'd prefer to not have Rodney-centric. I love him, I do, but honestly, he's in everything. Let's have some variety.
What I can do: I can do pretty much anything. I'll give any pairing a try, gen, whatever.
What I can't do: I can't/won't write explicit sex scenes. I'm fine with writing relationships between people, just, not the sex scenes.
Pinch hitter?: Sure thing.
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Things I'd like I am a HUGE hurt/comfort junkie! And I really like the hurting guy to be Evan Lorne. Just whump the crap out of him, I'm happy. :) He can be comforted by a whole lot of people, slash or het, it's all good. I'm a particular fan of rare pairings too, so if you want to put him with Jennifer Keller or Jonas Quinn, it would totally make my season!
Things I wouldn't like Having said that however, I really don't want Lorne/Zelinka or Lorne/Becket. Both Carson and Radek are great characters, just not paired with my guy. I'm not a huge fan of Porne, either, unless Parrish is a total BAMF.
Things I'll write I can and will write pretty much anything and I'm pretty hard to squick. I love to write H/c, and all of my stories have that in them. I love first-time fic too and I totally love to write rare pairings. However I just can't write Zelinka or Becket in a romantic relationship. I just don't feel it.
Things I won't write. Zelinka and/or Becket paired with anyone. Non-con, unless it's implied in the background as part of the H/c. Gen because romance always apears in my stories. Always.
Pinch hit I'm never quick enough on the draw to get to those posts!


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