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Things I'd like: OT4 (John/Ronon/Rodney/Teyla), John/Ronon, Ronon-centric, Sam/Jennifer, Weir/Teyla, Jennifer/Teyla, random Sam/Cam hijinks. Any rating, G through NC-17, teamfic, gen (in no particular order, all beloved by me). I prefer off world or Earth post-Atlantis. Happy or sad, dark or light. I love violence and hurt/comfort. I'm easily amused by crackfic and holidayfic.

Things I wouldn't like: No meta or AUs por favor. No Carson, no Lorne. Not a huge fan of minor characters. Otherwise, the sky's the limit. Turn them into pregnant emo butterflies in love with watersports. Rape and kill them. I'm open.

What I can do: I can do anything

What I can't do: Nothing. For every single request so far, I'm like, yes, THIS ONE!

Pinch hitter?: Yes
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Things I'd like: Happy endings, humour, romance, first times, Ancient tech, exploring Atlantis, Pegasus culture, wings, tentacles, mpreg, supernatural themes, crossovers with Star Trek, Christmas or Pegasus holiday gift giving. AUs are fine. Aliens made them do something and voyeurism with happy outcomes are the dub-con type of things I like. Gen's fine. All ratings are fine
Pairings/characters I like include McShep, Lorne/Parrish, Sheppard/Lorne, Lorne/Ronon, Ronon/Keller, Lorne/Cadman, Cadman/Katie Brown, Carter/Keller, Sheppard/Carter, McKay/Carter, Lorne's Team, threesomes, OT4, the girls team, Jeannie, Madison, scientists doing something science-y.
Things I wouldn't like: Wraith, deathfic, non-con, humiliation, kink involving scat, watersports, bloodplay
What I can do: Anything listed in things I like
What I can't do: John/Ronon, Cam in anything SGA, anything in the things I wouldn't like
Pinch hitter?: Probably not.
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Things I'd Like: I like a lot of things and I'm pretty easy to please, but to help inspire my secret santa, here are some of my favorites: episodic fic, team!fic, canon-compliant or canon-divergent fic (as opposed to a total AU or AR, although in-canon AUs/ARs like Vegas!verse are good), hurt/comfort, unexplored backstory, character development, crack!fic, crack-y ideas that somehow morph into something more serious, asexual characters, gender-bending or gender-swap, poly, OT3/OT4, ensemble fic where multiple characters have a hand in the overall story, kink, and porn! \o/ I also love mpreg, but I like reactions to it to be realistic and congruent with the characters' personalities, etc. Mostly prefer slash (followed by het followed by femslash followed by gen). I like characters being smart and kicking ass; I like agency and internal conflict and subtle humor/plot twists. Some of my favorite episodes are Sateda, Childhood's End, The Siege II, The Last Man, The Brotherhood, Vegas, Tabula Rasa, and Conversion.

I love every character on the Expedition, so you can't go wrong there. I also love Keras, Todd, and sometimes Michael. And Allina! :D I'd love to see Ford leading an off-world team, or Weir going on a mission in a capacity other than leader, or any kind of Wraith history or mythology or culture; also, Jonas in Atlantis, anything that explores Sheppard's connection to the Wraith, or cultural extrapolations based on canon (what do we not know about Sateda, Athos, Keras' world, et cetera?).

For pairings, I mostly read John/Rodney and rare pairs such as John/Keras, Rodney/Aiden, and Lorne/Zelenka (not as rare as the others, but still a smaller pairing). Some other rare pairings I'd like to see: Teyla/Jonas, Ronon/Vala, Ford/Keller, Weir/Kavanagh, Laura Cadman/Katie Brown, and/or any combination of Lorne/Jonas/Kavanagh/Zelenka/Ronon. For canon pairings, I like Teyla/Kanaan and Ronon/Amelia.

Things I Do Not Want: John Sheppard, to me, knows what his feelings are, he just doesn't communicate them very well, so please don't make him emotionally clueless if you write his POV. Nothing supernatural, such as werewolves or vampires. No Sheppard/Weir, no McKay/Keller except as background or past relationship (or on the way to being past), although I do enjoy John/Rodney/Jennifer. No character or kink bashing. As for kinks, I don't want watersports, emetophilia, or scat play. I don't like AMTDI when played for humor; I'm not into soulbonding. No gender-swap for the purposes of "correcting" a same-sex pairing.

Things I Can Do: Pretty much anything. I'm better at angst with a smattering of fluff, rather than complete fluff. Best at episodic fics, angst & hurt/comfort, and action; better at slash but also write het, fem and gen. I love culture-building, character study, and rare pairs, and I enjoy doing experimental things like poetry.

Things I Can't Do: I don't write Sheppard/Weir, and I don't write McKay/Keller except as background or past relationship. Pairings-wise, that's mostly it. I'm not a fan of total AUs/ARs, nor do I care much for werewolves/vampires/etc. I don't character bash. I don't write watersports, emetophilia, or scat play; I'm iffy on AMTDI (if I write it, I don't play it for laughs).

Pinch-hit? Perhaps. We'll see what happens!
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Things I'd like (one of, not all of!):
-Sora and Ford survive and meet up, then go on to be brilliant and daring together somehow (but not have sex)
-Keller/Vega fix-it fic where Vega doesn't die. Or AU where they live together with their dog
-What do the secondary characters get up to together (Cadman, Lorne, Katie Brown, Nurse Marie, Dr Simpson, Keller, Vega's team)
-Vega's team bonding (preferably before she dies)
-Femslash involving any combination of Keller, Cadman, Brown, Vega, Carter, Teyla; if you need a prompt, how about midnight in the city

More generally, I like 'normal' AUs (they all work in a bookshop, for example, not they're all superheroes); friendship; established relationships; hurt-comfort; stories about being queer and queer communities; everyone being smart in their own way

Things I wouldn't like:
-Mcshep (unrequited, in the past, hints of, actual pairing)
-X is only with Y because they can't be with Z
-Elizabeth/Carson/Rodney centric fic
-Character death/non-con including aliens make them do it/pregnancy (though existing kids are fine)
-Keller staying on Earth after season 5, Cadman being broken-hearted over Carson (I see them as being a fling, not a serious relationship)

What I can do:
-Any combination of Keller/Carter/Katie Brown/Cadman/Vega/Teyla/Sora
-Gen/friendship involving any of those characters
-Any genre not listed in 'I can't do'

What I can't do:
-Elizbaeth/Rodney/Carson-centric fic
-Action/adventure, crackfic

Pinch hitter?: Probably
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Things I'd like: I've been feeling diverse lately, so pairing-wise, here's what I'm thinking: McShep (will forever be my OTP); John/Rodney/Jennifer (has really grown on me); Teyla/Elizabeth (I keep hoping); Lorne/Zelenka (my secondary OTP); Ronon/Zelenka (my second secondary OTP); Cadman/anybody but John or Rodney (I like Cadman, what can I say?); Chuck/anybody (for real, anybody); Miko/anybody (yes, really!); some random pairing I would never have thought of before but you can make work with some strange superpower you have (busaikko, I'm looking at you). I would also happily receive gen - especially if it features one of the folks mentioned up there or Jeannie, or team-centric fic. Oh, that reminds me, I love OT4 too.

Theme/genre-wise, here's what I'm thinking: harlequin AU; college AU; any other AU you can think of (flight crew, Olympic bobsled team, kinky toy-makers, running an alpaca farm, you name it); crack (wrinkles, cars, clouds, items in a department store, whatever); action/adventure (in canon or not - I love action/adventure of all sorts); heists (by themselves or as a crossover/fusion with Oceans 11, White Collar, Leverage or some other heist-y canon - or try to set it in SGA canon! What fun!); zombie apocalypse (or other things in that vein - I will always love were-animal fic (I have a personal favorite DM trick known as were-pikachu)); twisty dark!fic (happy or non-happy ending, I'm good either way); kink (especially bondage - or even more especially, non-sexual kink is a *thing* of mine); first times (never get old for me); a new twist on an old trope (I have nothing else to add here, hm); something that will make me cry (sadness or joy, either way); something that you've always wanted to take on as a writer but never had the excuse to do; wacky crossovers/fusions. Are you the person that could convert me to mpreg? I've been waiting for it to happen! Basically, anything goes as long as you love writing it.

ETA: A note about ratings: I love and cherish any fic, whether or not there is porn in it. If you love porn, then by all means, write me a PWP, or story with lots of sexytimes! If you are uncomfortable or prefer not to write porn, then gen is fine - or any rating in-between. I like kissing and making out and other PG-13ish stuff, so really - I just want you to write what you want and feel comfortable with. Including if you want to stretch yourself and write something you've never tried before - go for it! Let me be the reason you write your first kinky scene, or your first gen story, or your first teenies-making-out fic. Also! I don't mind other things making it higher rating - violence, mindfuck, things that require warnings - I can take anything you can dish out (except scat), so have at. When I say whatever, I really mean it.

Things I wouldn't like: Scat is the only thing left on this list. I ask if you choose not to write McShep not to write them ending up with anyone else (except canon Rodney/Jennifer or with Chuck or Miko). I also dislike character or 'ship bashing, so if you don't like someone or some pairing, please just don't include them.

What I can do: McShep, John/Rodney/Jennifer, OT4, Lorne/Zelenka, Ronon/Zelenka. Gen featuring any major or secondary character except Ford or Carson, team gen. Any rating from G to NC17. I'm good with AUs or canon and happy to write most genres.

What I can't do: Scat. Mpreg. I'd prefer to do the pairings listed above, but I will try others if you're having trouble matching (or most especially for pinch hits).

Pinch hitter?: Absolutely! I love pinch hitting - and often do better with it than my original story because I'm a weirdo deadline person.
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Things I'd like: A few things I'd like this year, in no particular order:

- Anything at all about Jeannie. Seriously, anything. Gen, het, femslash, threesomes, moresomes, tentacles, knock yourself out. All I ask is that, if you go for something other than Jeannie/Kaleb, she not be deliberately cheating on him (death, divorce, never existed, extenuating circumstances, and open relationships are all fine). Er, and just in case someone takes "anything" as a challenge, no Jeannie/Madison, please.

- John/Jennifer/Rodney. They are the SGA OT3 of my heart, and I will always want more fic for them. I'd really prefer that, if you choose to write them, they end up together longterm.

- Gen! Especially gen focusing on the Team, but something focused on John, Teyla, Ronon, Jennifer, Aiden, or Rodney would be loved.

- Jennifer/Aiden. This is a complete and total longshot, but I love the idea of them together.

- Teyla/Elizabeth. They make me happy.

Some general things I like in fic are plot, team, family, friendship, love, banter, domesticity, Pegasus cultures, action, adventure, explosions, guns, war, people who kick ass and take names, people who are damn good at their jobs, "science", space, science fiction, and SG-1 crossovers. In shipfic, I also really enjoy kink, especially bdsm and public sex, but it's definitely not necessary.

I'd also really prefer a hopeful ending. It doesn't have to be a happy ending, and you can drag them through hell to get there, I'd just like to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Things I wouldn't like: Character bashing or SGC bashing, amnesia, non-science fiction AUs, Omegaverse, a heavy emphasis on Carson, background Jack/Daniel or Lorne/Parrish, woobie!Rodney, M/f kink (F/m is fine).

What I can do: Gen, female characters, John/Rodney, SG-1 crossovers. If you need an esoteric het or femslash pairing covered, I could probably do it, but it'd be safer to drop me a line and doublecheck.

What I can't do: Porn, graphic torture/whump, heavy angst, Carson fic, John/Cam, John/Elizabeth, SGU crossovers. I don't think I could do Lorne or Woolsey justice.

Pinch hitter?: Possibly
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Things I'd like: Femslash! My favorite femslash pairings are Elizabeth/Kate, Elizabeth/Teyla (or a threesome of Elizabeth, Kate, and Teyla), and Laura/Teyla. I would prefer if you could walk the fine line between fluff, which I'm not fond of, and incredibly depressing character death fic, which I'm also not fond of. (Given that SGA canon and I broke up around the end of season three, I think you can see why I would prefer a lack of character death.)

I love AUs, alternate timelines, and a whole bunch of crack in my fic (fpreg, amtdi, forced to be married, wing fic, a whole bunch of fun times there, right?). I love femslash and women being friends. What I love most are women who drive the story, who have their own agency and whose actions involve them saving themselves. I enjoy NC-17, though I don't have to have it. I'm not averse to writing crossovers either!

Things I wouldn't like: Sheppard/McKay. There's nothing wrong with it, but I'm not a fan. I also don't want character death or angst without a happy ending, nor do I want fluff. Also, please, no holiday-themed fic.

What I can do: I write femslash and gen, and all focused on the female characters. I prefer femslash to het or to gen. I can do AU stories, alternate timelines, but I can't do anything canon-based after the end of season three. My favorite characters to write are Elizabeth, Kate, Teyla, Laura and Jennifer, and I also like to write Ronon, John, and Lorne.

What I can't do: I have absolutely no desire to write m/m or m/f for this exchange. Please assign me something femslashy or gen and woman-centric.

Pinch hitter?: Sounds like fun!
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Things I'd like: To help out and make someone happy by stepping in to write if need be. But if at all possible I'd really love to have a week (or more) in which to do it.

What I can do: Pretty much anything! (With the exceptions of what's listed below.)

What I can't do: I'd really rather not write anything above R, kinks or PWPs. I'd rather not do deathfic, but if for some reason that's what would make the recipient really, really happy I'll pull out my knives and vials of poison. I won't write non- or even dub-con without some mitigating circumstances like drugs, do-it-or-die scenarios or alien possession. I also won't bash any of the characters, and I really wouldn't be happy writing a story where John and Rodney aren't at least good friends (though I can live with one or the other not appearing in the fic, as long as they're not maimed or dead). I could probably do a crossover with SG1, Torchwood and/or maybe even Hawaii 5-0, but to be honest I'd rather not. (But again, if the recipient's heart is set on it I'll do my best.)

Pinch hitter? Yes. :) But I'm pretty sure I'll only have time for one story.
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... and then I decided to do this and the Highlander exchange. Not sure what I am thinking.

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Things I'd like: Well, there are two options. 1) Dark!fic Christmas Round Three (check out last year's post for details -->http://sga-santa.livejournal.com/282460.html) or 2) Horse fic... Blah blah blah... ) I guess mostly this one condenses to: Rodney-centric happy ending animal fic. :-) Just go with that.

Things I wouldn't like: No major character death (especially Grodin, Ford or Bates), het (other than Teyla/Rodney) as the main pairing, any squicky sex play (other than that mentioned in the link above), and no D/s. No depiction of underage sex or any sort of rape, no child cruelty, abuse or neglect. No supernatural characters. No pregnancy. Absolutely no animal death, cruelty, abuse, neglect or injury. No Kolya.

What I can do: Slash, femmeslash, poly, gen, and main pairing het of these pairings only: Teyla/McKay, Teyla/Lorne, Teyla/Bates. I can do background/secondary het for just about anybody. The characters I'm best with are Rodney, John, Ronon, Teyla, Lorne, and Radek, but I will gladly write Parrish, Cadman, Carter, Miko, Peter Grodin, Ford or Bates. I can do Elizabeth and Carson as secondary characters, but don't do them justice as primary ones. Crossovers with Highlander, Harry Potter, due South, Forever Knight, or SG1. AUs and alternate settings, transformation, kid!fic.

What I can't do: I really can't do NC-17. No animal or child cruelty, abuse or neglect. No rape or underage sex. I'd rather not have to ship Rodney with anyone except his team, Lorne, or Grodin, or John with anyone when Rodney's alone. I'm not familiar with most of Season 5, so can't really do stories based on it. Can't do supernatural characters, unless it's (and this is just stupidly specific) the vampires from Forever Knight. No Kolya or Michael fics. Um, and no pregnancy of any kind.

Pinch hitter?: maybe
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Things I like: I'm a McShep girl at heart. They are my OTP in this fandom, though I do read, write, and enjoy both gen and other pairings (in no particular order: Teyla/Elizabeth, Teyla/Kate, Teyla/Ronon, Elizabeth/Ronon, Jennifer/Ronon, Radek/Ronon, Evan/Radek, John/Rodney/Jennifer, OT4, Chuck/Evan, Cadman/anyone... the list goes on). I love first times, I love AUs, I love crack and angst and darkfic and fluff. I love almost everything. I'd go for historical AUs or missionfic or kinky PWP or team gen (I know I just said McShep, but if you get stuck, TEAM!). I like all ratings, I like most genres, I like most kinks. If you're looking for more specific prompts, how about an Avengers or X-Men fusion, or stuck-on-an-alien-planet teamfic, or if you like dark, mind-controlled evil!Rodney (or evil!John) wreaking havoc on Atlantis? If you're looking for something more inclusive, then I love slice of life fic about parts of Atlantis we don't see on the show, or alien cultures (Teyla or Ronon backstory would be massive love). Robots, zombies, were-animals, rollerskating, bondage, dystopias, all my faves. Mostly, though, I want you to have a good time writing it. There should be no angst about the writing part – nothing that's included here is a 'must have' – if you enjoy writing it, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it.

Things I don't like: Mpreg is not my cuppa, though I like kidfic. Scatplay is not my kink, and I'm a little leery of cock and ball torture (though perhaps you could be the one to sell it to me!), but I like most everything else I've read, kink-wise. Bashing of any character is not appreciated, and I'd prefer not to have Jennifer fridged to enable the McShep.

What I can do: McShep, John/Rodney/Jennifer, Evan/Radek, Radek/Ronon, Jennifer/Ronon, OT4, team or Atlantis gen (or anyone/Atlantis, heh), character study on any of the characters in the above pairings or most minor characters. AU, canonfic, everything from crack to humor to angst to darkfic, any rating, kink, or trope with the exception of 'what I can't do' below. I love making odd requests work.

What I can't do: Elizabeth, Carson, or Ford as a main character, sorry. Mpreg, scatplay, character bashing, SG-1 crossovers (writing only, because I haven't seen most of the show - I'm fine with SG-1 in the mix for my gift story).

Pinch hitter: Absolutely - and I'm perfectly willing to write all kinds of stuff for pinch hits (beyond the pairings I've listed here), so try me.
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Things I'd like: John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, Alison Porter/Laura Cadman, Alison Porter/David Parrish, Alison Porter/Dusty Mehra, Alison Porter/Any, David Parrish/Evan Lorne, and David Parrish/Ronon Dex. AU very much liked, a plot deeply adored.
Things I wouldn't like: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay.
What I can do: I can do both Slash and Het, but I'm much better at Slash, especially femslash. I can and love doing most kinks but bondage is one I do fairly well. I love writing AUs and crossovers. 
What I can't do:  I really can't seem to write Rodney McKay very well. Nothing against him but it usually ends up very OOC. I won't do Non-Con/AMTDI.
Pinch hitter?: Yes, if given enough time and depending on prompt.
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Things I'd like:
-Keller/Vega fix-it fic where Vega doesn't die. Or AU where they live together with their dog
-Gen Sam and John friendship
-What do the secondary characters get up to together (Cadman, Lorne, Katie Brown, Nurse Marie, Dr Simpson, Keller, Vega's team)
-Vega's team bonding (preferably before she dies)
-Femslash involving any combination of Keller, Cadman, Brown, Vega, Carter, Teyla; if you need a prompt, how about midnight in the city
-Ford, Lorne and Ronon bonding

Things I wouldn't like:
-Mcshep (unrequited, in the past, hints of, actual pairing)
-X is only with Y because they can't be with Z
-Elizabeth/Carson/Rodney centric fic
-Character death/non-con including aliens make them do it/pregnancy (though existing kids are fine)

What I can do:
-Any combination of Lorne/Ronon/Mitchell/Sheppard/Ford
-Any combination of Keller/Carter/Katie Brown/Cadman/Vega/Teyla
-Gen/friendship involving any of those characters
-Any genre not listed in 'I can't do'

What I can't do:
-Elizbaeth/Rodney/Carson-centric fic
-Action/adventure, crackfic

Pinch hitter?: Probably
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Things I'd like: I love gen and teamy things - angst, h/c and action/adventure are all things I adore! Rodney's my favourite character, so pretty much anything with him in goes. Although, if you can manage it, what I'd really like this year is a Teyla/Jennifer story with them doing action-y things together and generally being awesome together!

Things I wouldn't like: I don't like reading explicit sex scenes, so please none of them. Implied or glossed-over ones are fine! Please no character bashing, and if you write something team-y then please don't sideline Teyla and Ronon. Also please no "planet of the primitive natives who torture strangers for absolutely no reason" - I'm not fond of that trope. Unfriendly natives who have some rationality behind their unfriendliness are fine, though *gg*

What I can do: This is going to be pretty much the same as my "likes" above. I'm best at gen but I'll try my hand at any pairing (although my pairing fics read pretty gen-ish for the most part, I do warn you).

What I can't do: I can't write sex scenes at all, sorry! Also would rather not write either John or Ronon as main story character as I'm not so confident with them.

Pinch hitter?: Possibly.
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[livejournal.com profile] moonlettuce and [livejournal.com profile] alyse are my favorite people ever. And happy 5th fiction anniversary to meeeeee.

Livejournal: [livejournal.com profile] rysler
Email: rysler at gmail.com

Things I'd like: Any rating, G through NC-17, Ronon/Sheppard, Sam/Jennifer, Jennifer/Teyla, OT4/teamfic, gen (in no particular order, all beloved by me). I also confess I love McShep or OT3 with any of the aforementioned gender-mixed. I like dark and bleak and philosophical/moral, I like happy PG the world isn't that bad, I like when aliens make them do it and festivals and sometimes monsters. As long as the band's together, you know? Alien worlds or Earth-based, rather than Atlantis-based. Late series or post-series. Or Atlantis cut off from Earth for any reason. I like Weir. I like crossovers with Firefly!

Things I wouldn't like: No movie/Universe continuity. No meta or AUs por favor. No Carson, no Lorne. Not a huge fan of minor characters. Otherwise, the sky's the limit. Turn them into pregnant emo butterflies in love with watersports. Kill them. I'm open.

What I can do: I can do anything.

What I can't do: There's nothing I can't do.

Pinch hitter?: Yes.
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E-mail: glitery_insane_pixie_child [@] yahoo [.] ca
Things I'd like: If possible, Teyla/Kate Heightmeyer contentment. I haven't seen any other femslash writers on here, though, so Sheppard/(anyone military) or Weir introspective is also good. ^_^
Things I wouldn't like: Character bashing, non-canon character death, non-con, crack, AU, genderswaping or M!preg.
What I can do: Pretty much any 'ship (het/slash/femslash); angst & sap. G-R
What I can't do: NC-17 and I'd prefer not Sheppard/McKay if possible. Non-con, genderswaping & partner betrayal.
Pinch hitter?: Maybe, depending on my availability at the time.
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This is the one fic exchange I do every single year. I wouldn't miss it for the world. <3

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Things I'd like: I'd love a gen or John/Rodney story with a dark twisty undertone this year. If you can't/don't want to do dark, I love plenty of other things, so don't despair! You can write me romance, action, crack, an outlandish AU, a kinky PWP, a non-kinky PWP, a crossover, a fusion, or an introspective piece about a character, the team, Atlantis, or anything else you can think of, at any rating. I love worldbuilding and languages; giving me a Ronon or Teyla backstory piece would be awesome! Mission fic is always love. Angst with a happy ending is my favorite. If you don't do John/Rodney, I can handle lots of other pairings (or gen! I love gen!), just see my note about pairings in my 'wouldn't like' section below. I read very widely and while you're welcome to look over my sga recs to see what I like, the answer is: I like almost everything. And it's important to me that you enjoy making this, so if you love your story but it doesn't fit any of this stuff? That's perfectly fine by me.
Things I wouldn't like: I can handle 95% of all ships; the two that for some reason don't generally work for me are Elizabeth/John and Teyla/John (I love Elizabeth/Teyla like burning though!). That said, I'm perfectly willing to go with any pairing at all (background, previous, or secondary) if the foreground is either gen or John/Rodney. As for squicks, the only things I can think of that I would prefer not show up are scatplay and mpreg. I'm willing to work with absolutely anything else (and I've discovered a bunch of new kinks by reading about them, so try me!). Also - no character bashing, please.
What I can do: I'd prefer to write John/Rodney. If match-ups are problematic, I can also do slashy/femslashy rarepairs (particularly with minor characters), team!fic or OT4, and gen. I can write canon-compliant, crack, fluff, angst, romance, darkfic, deathfic, missionfic, most tropes or kinks and any rating from G to NC17. If McShep is requested, I can write canon-compliant fic without bashing or killing Keller.
What I can't do: Pairings or fic where one of the main characters is Aiden, Carson, or Elizabeth (with the one exception of Elizabeth/Teyla). I'm just not very good at writing their voices. John/Teyla. Mpreg (sorry, someday this will be off my list, but not this year) or scatplay.
Pinch hitter?: Absolutely - and I'm perfectly willing to write all kinds of stuff for pinch hits, so try me.


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