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Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard only, please, though I do love me some Zelenka/Lorne or Lorne/Parish on the side. I really love the trope of soulbonding. I enjoy AUs (full AUs and canon-AUs) and I love what-if scenarios (for example what if McKay had been trapped in the time dilation field with John? What if John was actually an Ancient rather than just having the genes? Things like that catch my interest, it's why I tend to write about them myself). If you can do it, Santa, I would love, love, LOVE a Highlander: TS Fusion or Crossover. I hope there are enough ideas in there for you. Additionally I would very much like a happy ending.

Things I wouldn't like: No explicit het or femslash, no hurt without comfort or torture for the sake of torture. Please do not split up my OTP. Though I'm fine if they are just getting out of a relationship when they meet I don't really want to read too much about it. I have nothing against Keller, please no bashing. No partner betrayal.

What I can do: Slash (m/m), I do best with pairings I love, so McShep would be best. I'd rather not push out of my comfort zone this time around. I can do all different stages of AU, crossovers, fluff, angst, torture and I can do dark, though I do better with fluffy. I can write Beckett, Zelenka, Lorne, Carter, Weir, etc.

What I can't do: Het or femslash, character death, no kinks (BDSM, etc), rape. I'm not good at writing sex in general and don't think I'd be able to deliver a good PWP. I'm not so good at writing Woolsey and Keller, but I'll happily give it a try.

Pinch hitter? No.
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Things I'd like: McShep please. The higher the rating, the bigger the love, aka R or NC-17 would be great. I like cliches like AMTDI, Harlequin, Soulbonding (my all time fav), AUs and crossovers (SG-1, Highlander, Sentinel, HP only please!), kidfic (they HAVE kids, not they ARE kids!!!). First time would be lovely but is no must have, so is M-preg. I also happen to be a fan of angst (torture/non-con/etc not overly graphic, please) as long as I get to have my happy end. In fact, a happy end is the only must have here. =)

Things I wouldn't like: (prettty much what I alwasy say here) I don’t want any het, femslash, hurt without comfort, and the ‘happy end’ automatically excludes death of my OTP. No John/anyone but Rodney or Rodney/anyone but John. Exception is Rodney breaking it off with Keller to get together with John. No turning them into anything that doesn’t look, act or feel like a human. No partner betrayal/ domestic abuse. NO mentions of SGU whatsoever.

What I can do: Everything I would like, I can write. I will write slash (m/m). I can do AUs and crossovers, m-preg, jealousy, fluff, angst, oblivious/pining, kink, torture, non-con, dub-con, rape/torture aftermath, Beckett, Zelenka, Lorne, Sam (if I don’t have to write her in a relationship). Despite the angst, I’m better at ending stories happily instead of unhappy.

What I can't do: Everything I don’t like to receive. (Het, femslash, death of John or Rodney - minor characters are okay) I won't write Rodney/anyone but John, except if I am allowed to break them up. I prefer to write McShep, because while I CAN do John/Rodney friendship to an extend, I’m much better at writing them as lovers. I won’t do any heavy kinks like bloodplay, watersports, scat, heavy BDSM, etc. I prefer not to write extremely graphic torture or non-con. I’m not that good at PWP, but can try if I have to. I can’t write a Keller, Woolsey or Carter centric fic. If I'm asked to write GEN or PG-13, it’s likely to turn out very boring, be warned.

b>Pinch hitter? Not this time, sorry.

SGA Santa!

Sep. 29th, 2012 03:59 pm
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Things I'd like: Rodney-centric stories! Prefer slash and love John/Rodney, Rodney/Jack, Rodney/Daniel but would be happy with any Rodney/OMC. I prefer the story to have a PLOT rather than a PWP. I don't mind angst, h/c etc but prefer a happy ending please! Love AUs... magic especially. Like crossovers where I know the other movie/show.
Things I wouldn't like: Not keen on kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic, genderswap
What I can do: I prefer to write slash but will do gen too. Prefer to write Rodney centric stories. Happy to write AUs and crossovers where I know the other movie/TV show.
What I can't do: I have no desire to write het or anything other than Rodney-centric stories. I'd prefer not to write kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic, genderswap.
Pinch hitter?: Really depends on how much free time I have by then so, probably, no.
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Things I like: John Sheppard, pairing(s): (prefer if the story calls for a romantic background) John/Cameron, and John/Rodney. I love action and angst, strong team dynamics. I love mindf*cks, h/c (and sometimes you don't even have to do the comfort portion), BDSM. I also really enjoy the idea of Sheppard being asexual. A very strong plot (It's like a coffee milkshake sprinkled with espresso.) One last thing: I really really really want to see a version of the The Shrine with John being the one infected.

Things I wouldn't like: Believe it or not...gratuitious sex. Sheppard in a het relationship.

What I can do: Ancienty mindscrews and action. I haven't written much SGA but I can try and do something with the other main characters as long as John is the POV - So, I can also do friendship and gen.

What I can't do: Sex and milary jargon.

Pitch hitter: Sorry, but no. I'm terrified as it is writing a single story.
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Things I'd like: Happy endings, humour, romance, first times, Ancient tech, exploring Atlantis, Pegasus culture, wings, tentacles, mpreg, supernatural themes, crossovers with Star Trek, Christmas or Pegasus holiday gift giving. AUs are fine. Aliens made them do something and voyeurism with happy outcomes are the dub-con type of things I like. Gen's fine. All ratings are fine
Pairings/characters I like include McShep, Lorne/Parrish, Sheppard/Lorne, Lorne/Ronon, Ronon/Keller, Lorne/Cadman, Cadman/Katie Brown, Carter/Keller, Sheppard/Carter, McKay/Carter, Lorne's Team, threesomes, OT4, the girls team, Jeannie, Madison, scientists doing something science-y.
Things I wouldn't like: Wraith, deathfic, non-con, humiliation, kink involving scat, watersports, bloodplay
What I can do: Anything listed in things I like
What I can't do: John/Ronon, Cam in anything SGA, anything in the things I wouldn't like
Pinch hitter?: Probably not.
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Things I'd like: Ronon Dex/Carson Beckett/Radek Zelenka, Ronon Dex/Rodney McKay/Radek Zelenka, Carson Beckett/Ronon Dex, Steven Caldwell/John Sheppard, John Sheppard/Radek Zelenka, Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka, Ronon Dex/Radek Zelenka, Jack/Steve/John (crossover with SG-1?)

I’m open to any rating, but I’d strongly prefer not to receive a PWP fic. My preference would be that any story take place before season three or in an ambiguous time frame. I don't have much in the way of specifics that I'd like to see with most of the pairings except Steven Caldwell/John Sheppard - I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of relationship that begins really messed up. Like say Caldwell coerces John into a relationship (maybe Caldwell was under the effect of the goa'uld). Or alternatively maybe Caldwell is there when the bug thing happens. I'd like feelings to eventually develop though.

With Ronon I like stuff that explores the fact that he's not from Earth and that he's suddenly in a culture that's very different from anything he's known. I also like seeing him in a protective role. I love bug!John and other transformations. I love it when John's "cured" but still has some of the bug features/attributes.

General likes: relationship driven rather than action driven stories, relationships that don’t follow the normal pattern (ex. fuck buddies to friends to something more), relationships that aren’t perfect but work, poly relationships (and not just in terms of porn, but real, lasting relationships), outside POVs, queer issues, exploration of sexuality, h/c with no easy fix (rape recovery, impotence, disability, PTSD, etc), plot over pwp, trust (how it develops, what harms it, issues related to it, etc.), age differences, slow developing relationships (UST is awesome!), angst with explanation, not just angst for the sake of angst, hopeful if not happy endings, dark stories (including heavy content like apocalypse, death, etc.), snark and witty banter, characters showing their intelligence, non-human characters portrayed as such, characters who are not perfect, working out challenges in intercultural relationships, characters outside their comfort zone

Things I wouldn't like: first and second person POVs, fluff and humor on their own, magic penis makes everyone’s problems go away, genderbending, significant humiliation or embarrassment (during sex or outside it), domestic violence, infidelity, graphic mpreg, graphic noncon/torture (I don't mind noncon/violence as long as there's a point, and it's not between the couple unless something like amtdi is involved.), modern Aus, character bashing, crack, scat, vomit, necrophilia, vore

What I can do: Slash, any combination of Sheppard/Dex/Beckett/Zelenka/McKay/Lorne/Mitchell EXCEPT John/Rodney or Lorne/Mitchell on their own, I'm not afraid of writing kink*, and enjoy writing h/c and angst

What I can't do: Same as things I wouldn't like

Pinch hitter?: Maybe, feel free to ask

*Non-exhaustive list of kinks I like/can write: clothing kink (half-dressed sex, sex where one person's naked and the other not, uniforms), scars, rough sex (biting, marking, bruising),light blood play, size kink, fisting, sounding, sex toys, exhibitionism/voyeurism, barebacking, stubble (beards) and body hair in general, foreplay (drawn out), begging, nipple play, BDSM, d/s, rimming, sensation play, frottage, impotence, piercings/tattoos, fuck or die, AMTDI, prostitution, pushy bottoms, rape recovery, fucked out and messy, cum play, watersports, enemas, edging, chastity devices and orgasm denial in general
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Things I'd like I am a HUGE hurt/comfort junkie! And I really like the hurting guy to be Evan Lorne. Just whump the crap out of him, I'm happy. :) He can be comforted by a whole lot of people, slash or het, it's all good. I'm a particular fan of rare pairings too, so if you want to put him with Jennifer Keller or Jonas Quinn, it would totally make my season!
Things I wouldn't like Having said that however, I really don't want Lorne/Zelinka or Lorne/Becket. Both Carson and Radek are great characters, just not paired with my guy. I'm not a huge fan of Porne, either, unless Parrish is a total BAMF.
Things I'll write I can and will write pretty much anything and I'm pretty hard to squick. I love to write H/c, and all of my stories have that in them. I love first-time fic too and I totally love to write rare pairings. However I just can't write Zelinka or Becket in a romantic relationship. I just don't feel it.
Things I won't write. Zelinka and/or Becket paired with anyone. Non-con, unless it's implied in the background as part of the H/c. Gen because romance always apears in my stories. Always.
Pinch hit I'm never quick enough on the draw to get to those posts!
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Things I'd like: My OTP is Chuck/Woolsey, but if you're iffy on Woolsey, don't do it :)  I'm also super happy with John/Rodney, John/Cam, John/Sam, Rodney/Carson, and any secondary pairings you can think to throw in there (Parrish/Lorne, Radek/anybody, Rodney/Jennifer, Teyla/Ronon, Ronon/Elizabeth... et al.  I love Beckett: you could throw him in anywhere and I'd be happy).  I'd like a 'ship in the fic, but that doesn't have to be the primary focus.  Any rating is cool - porn is fun, but not when it's just for the sake of porn.  SG1 crossovers are awesome.  Actually, as I think about it, I'd REALLY like John/Sam or John/Cam.  During or after her year in Atlantis, either is fine, or any "history" for the /Cam.  AUs are awesome, so are really well developed "canon" fics.  

Things I wouldn't like: No wraith pairings.  Preferably no femslash as the primary pairing (secondary is fine), and no OT3s, 4s, or moresomes.

What I can do: I can write anything in the traditional SGA world - just about any pairing or rating.  I'm lousy at AUs, so while I'm happy to do slight alterations (give me one change in the timeline and I can totally build from there), I can't create a world from scratch.  I do love to experiment with writing different kinks, so feel free to send that my way.  Kid!fic and mPreg aren't deterrents for me.

What I can't do:  I can't really promise crossovers outside of the SG fandom because I don't watch enough TV (Farscape, Firefly, Star Trek (all), and Warehouse 13 are my only concessions).   Already mentioned that I can't do true AUs.  I'd rather not write any pairings with Wraith, although I will if y'all are desperate.

Pinch hitter?: I'm jobless right now.  Depends on if I've found work in December.  In theory?  Absolutely.
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What I would like: I adore all things John/Rodney. I love a happy ending, but angst and h/c along the way is good, (mmhhhh yummy H/C!!) as long as they do finally get that happy ending. I love AUs and the whole Harlequin genre.

I adore Vegas John. I love the idea of replicator/android/clone Rodney finding his humanity or being aware of the limits of his genius because he is a clone/android/replicator. I love it when John is either inept, inexperienced, completely repressed or just really really bad in bed and Rodney isn't. I love stories where the way John treats Rodney (kind of like a school bully) with the constant teasing/hazing/jokes about lemmons ect is addressed and overcome. I like crossovers with SG1 or with a completely non-SciFi genre, say like NCIS or Criminal Minds investigating the, even for a combat zone, extra high levels of deaths, or someone higly connected finding out that the story of their lost son or daughter's death is a cover story and suspecting a different kind of conspiracy, putting the wierd world of SGA under the microscope, and or being the catalyst for the John/Rodney relationship. I adore post conversion stories where John is still part bug but is afraid to reveal it and this makes him even more repressed. And pining, I love a good pining story where one of them is sadly resigned to never having what they want, and the other is completely oblivious. Or wow! Combine those last two with pining bug!John all droopy antenae and giving off sad little bursts of please love me bug pheromones.

What I don't like: Stories where John and Rodney are or become children or teenagers, although I don't mind the whole ancient gizmo turns Rodney into his cute twenty-something self plot, as long as it turns him back again. I don't like stories that make Keller unrealistically the bad guy in order to get John and Rodney together.

What can I give: I'll write most kinds of John/Rodney from fluffy vanilla to kinky and mildish S&M (but not too hard core, and I'm no good at writing top John/sub Rodney for some reason I can never get that to work!) I would have a go at any kind of supporting cast or crossover (as long as the cross is something accessible via you tube for research)

Pinch Hitter: It will totally depend on whether my own story is already finished.
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Things I'd like: I've been feeling diverse lately, so pairing-wise, here's what I'm thinking: McShep (will forever be my OTP); John/Rodney/Jennifer (has really grown on me); Teyla/Elizabeth (I keep hoping); Lorne/Zelenka (my secondary OTP); Ronon/Zelenka (my second secondary OTP); Cadman/anybody but John or Rodney (I like Cadman, what can I say?); Chuck/anybody (for real, anybody); Miko/anybody (yes, really!); some random pairing I would never have thought of before but you can make work with some strange superpower you have (busaikko, I'm looking at you). I would also happily receive gen - especially if it features one of the folks mentioned up there or Jeannie, or team-centric fic. Oh, that reminds me, I love OT4 too.

Theme/genre-wise, here's what I'm thinking: harlequin AU; college AU; any other AU you can think of (flight crew, Olympic bobsled team, kinky toy-makers, running an alpaca farm, you name it); crack (wrinkles, cars, clouds, items in a department store, whatever); action/adventure (in canon or not - I love action/adventure of all sorts); heists (by themselves or as a crossover/fusion with Oceans 11, White Collar, Leverage or some other heist-y canon - or try to set it in SGA canon! What fun!); zombie apocalypse (or other things in that vein - I will always love were-animal fic (I have a personal favorite DM trick known as were-pikachu)); twisty dark!fic (happy or non-happy ending, I'm good either way); kink (especially bondage - or even more especially, non-sexual kink is a *thing* of mine); first times (never get old for me); a new twist on an old trope (I have nothing else to add here, hm); something that will make me cry (sadness or joy, either way); something that you've always wanted to take on as a writer but never had the excuse to do; wacky crossovers/fusions. Are you the person that could convert me to mpreg? I've been waiting for it to happen! Basically, anything goes as long as you love writing it.

ETA: A note about ratings: I love and cherish any fic, whether or not there is porn in it. If you love porn, then by all means, write me a PWP, or story with lots of sexytimes! If you are uncomfortable or prefer not to write porn, then gen is fine - or any rating in-between. I like kissing and making out and other PG-13ish stuff, so really - I just want you to write what you want and feel comfortable with. Including if you want to stretch yourself and write something you've never tried before - go for it! Let me be the reason you write your first kinky scene, or your first gen story, or your first teenies-making-out fic. Also! I don't mind other things making it higher rating - violence, mindfuck, things that require warnings - I can take anything you can dish out (except scat), so have at. When I say whatever, I really mean it.

Things I wouldn't like: Scat is the only thing left on this list. I ask if you choose not to write McShep not to write them ending up with anyone else (except canon Rodney/Jennifer or with Chuck or Miko). I also dislike character or 'ship bashing, so if you don't like someone or some pairing, please just don't include them.

What I can do: McShep, John/Rodney/Jennifer, OT4, Lorne/Zelenka, Ronon/Zelenka. Gen featuring any major or secondary character except Ford or Carson, team gen. Any rating from G to NC17. I'm good with AUs or canon and happy to write most genres.

What I can't do: Scat. Mpreg. I'd prefer to do the pairings listed above, but I will try others if you're having trouble matching (or most especially for pinch hits).

Pinch hitter?: Absolutely! I love pinch hitting - and often do better with it than my original story because I'm a weirdo deadline person.
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Things I'd like: Anything that focuses on John. I like John with virtually any male pairing, although my favorites are John/Rodney, John/Cam, and John/Lorne. John/Ronon and John/crossover also work :) I love angst, so long as John gets his happy ending, but I especially love when it's internalized angst that he just deals with matter-of-factly. I also love anything that deals with how John might still feel about losing his men in Afghanistan. Also loved: bamf!John kicking major ass, people underestimating John and having him surprise them, John breaking out his mensa math skills. I'd love to see a crossover with Inception, somehow. And last but not least, I'm definitely open to AU's. I absolutely love BDSM-verse fics, but I also adore regular Joe-type fics where John and love interest have occupations like bookstore owner, professor, researcher, CEO, what have you. 
Things I wouldn't like: I'm not really a fan of John het. I also really dislike woobie!John or John too out of character. Also, I'm of the belief that there is no way John has gone this far in life and not realized he's gay or at least bi, so no first-time John or Rodney-turns-him-gay, please; I love when they can still be stoic men, but obviously feel strong affection for one another. Anything too far out of the realm of believability for these guys or where I have to suspend my disbelief? 
What I can do: I generally do much better writing slash, and focusing on John, Lorne, or Cam. I wouldn't mind trying my hat at Ronon, although I don't think I could do Rodney's POV justice, honestly. I can write angst, romance, humor, or action. AU, crossover, slice-of-life, I'm fairly open.
What I can't do: I'm fairly certain I'd be horrible at het smut, but I do love me some slash smut. I'm not a huge fan of Jennifer so I don't think I could write a fic where she's the primarily character. Apocalypse-type fics aren't really my forte either.
Pinch hitter?: So long as I'm not buried under work, certainly.
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Who am I:

my email:
scarlettfever2007@yahoo dot com

What would I like:
John and Rodney slash, and after that I don't mind as long as there is a John and a Rodney, (or any Hewlegan version thereof) So AUs and Crossovers are all great. I don't mind if John and Rodney are with other people at the start of the story as long as they end up together.

But to give you some specific ideas I love pre-slash stories full of UST that is eventually resolved. I love stories of how they get together and stay together. And stories of how they get together, are slipt up by circumstances or misunderstandings or other plotty fate stuff, but then get back together again in the end, because there has to be a happy ending, that some version of John and Rodney are together, or will be, even if there are tears spilled along the way.

I love all the ususal vanilla and mild to moderate kinky stuff that John and Rodney seem to get up to, so anything including NC17 is fine... in fact have at it with the smutty-ness!!! (so a little spanking and caning, some pinching and biting and roughish sex is fine. But I don't enjoy extreme BD/SM, torture, humilliation or abuse between them unless it's like mindcontrol stuff making one of them hurt the other because of outside influence, snakes mind control drugs ect. . And of course John suffers so beautifylly at the hands of others, so H/C is absolutely welcome even if there is some permanent injury, as long as Rodney is there to help him along. Or Vice versa of course with Rodney hurt and John the comforter.. Angst is wonderful too. I love stories that have a twist in the tale. Even stories where it appears they have died, just as long as in the end it was a mistake or another version of John or there's a sarcophagus or Ancient tech or ascension and descension so it ends happily.

I love it when Rodney has a cat, or a cat-like-thing, or when John gets turned into Rodney's Cat-like-thing (although someone already did that didn't they) . I love the Vegas AU.

What can I do:
Pretty much the same things on my "what I like" list are the things I can write. Give me as much detail as you want or as little, or even a picture prompt if that is something you'd like.

Ptich Hitter:
Possibly, it is going to depend on how well I do with my own story as to whether I could have a go at a ptich hit or not..
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E-mail: gottalovev (at) yahoo (dot) ca

Things I'd like: Preferably John/Rodney, though I love the OT4 too (John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon). It can go from friendship to more racy stuff, no problem. I’m easy to please: I'll take schmoop to angst though I’d prefer a hopeful-to-happy ending. Favorite things are: humor and banter, strong friendship/family you made, pining/obliviousness, first times (that is very large, from experiences to kisses to more), possessiveness/jealousy, tattoos/marking, a dire situation that makes the characters realize what they want and act on their feelings, common tropes (intoxicated confessions, huddling for warmth, sharing a bed, trapped in confined places, etc). I love Jeannie and sarcastic!Todd is always welcome. I like crossovers or fusions with other shows, and favorites beside Stargate shows are Lost, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, H50, Star Trek XI. AUs are also very nice.

Things I wouldn't like: I'm pretty protective of my OTP, partner betrayal makes me uncomfortable, no non-con or dub con, mpreg or major character death for me please. I strongly dislike any character bashing.

What I can do: I could try my hand at anything, from gen to PWP, may it be slash, het or gen. I can write crossovers with the shows listed in my likes. As a personal preference, John/Rodney is easier for me.

What I can't do: No partner betrayal, non-con, mpreg and bashing. My only restrictions in crossovers with the shows listed in my likes are Cameron Mitchell and Daniel Jackson that I just cannot get right, so it’s better that they don’t have a major part. In the same vein, John in a romantic relationship with a woman is not something I am comfortable with, unless it's a threesome/moresome.

Pinch hitter?: No, I won’t have time, sorry.
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E-mail: simple.carbohydrates AT gmail DOT com

Things I'd like: To help out and make someone happy by stepping in to write if need be. But if at all possible I'd really love to have a week (or more) in which to do it.

What I can do: Pretty much anything! (With the exceptions of what's listed below.)

What I can't do: I'd really rather not write anything above R, kinks or PWPs. I'd rather not do deathfic, but if for some reason that's what would make the recipient really, really happy I'll pull out my knives and vials of poison. I won't write non- or even dub-con without some mitigating circumstances like drugs, do-it-or-die scenarios or alien possession. I also won't bash any of the characters, and I really wouldn't be happy writing a story where John and Rodney aren't at least good friends (though I can live with one or the other not appearing in the fic, as long as they're not maimed or dead). I could probably do a crossover with SG1, Torchwood and/or maybe even Hawaii 5-0, but to be honest I'd rather not. (But again, if the recipient's heart is set on it I'll do my best.)

Pinch hitter? Yes. :) But I'm pretty sure I'll only have time for one story.
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... and then I decided to do this and the Highlander exchange. Not sure what I am thinking.

LiveJournal: [livejournal.com profile] enviropony
E-mail: my lj username at gmail

Things I'd like: Well, there are two options. 1) Dark!fic Christmas Round Three (check out last year's post for details -->http://sga-santa.livejournal.com/282460.html) or 2) Horse fic... Blah blah blah... ) I guess mostly this one condenses to: Rodney-centric happy ending animal fic. :-) Just go with that.

Things I wouldn't like: No major character death (especially Grodin, Ford or Bates), het (other than Teyla/Rodney) as the main pairing, any squicky sex play (other than that mentioned in the link above), and no D/s. No depiction of underage sex or any sort of rape, no child cruelty, abuse or neglect. No supernatural characters. No pregnancy. Absolutely no animal death, cruelty, abuse, neglect or injury. No Kolya.

What I can do: Slash, femmeslash, poly, gen, and main pairing het of these pairings only: Teyla/McKay, Teyla/Lorne, Teyla/Bates. I can do background/secondary het for just about anybody. The characters I'm best with are Rodney, John, Ronon, Teyla, Lorne, and Radek, but I will gladly write Parrish, Cadman, Carter, Miko, Peter Grodin, Ford or Bates. I can do Elizabeth and Carson as secondary characters, but don't do them justice as primary ones. Crossovers with Highlander, Harry Potter, due South, Forever Knight, or SG1. AUs and alternate settings, transformation, kid!fic.

What I can't do: I really can't do NC-17. No animal or child cruelty, abuse or neglect. No rape or underage sex. I'd rather not have to ship Rodney with anyone except his team, Lorne, or Grodin, or John with anyone when Rodney's alone. I'm not familiar with most of Season 5, so can't really do stories based on it. Can't do supernatural characters, unless it's (and this is just stupidly specific) the vampires from Forever Knight. No Kolya or Michael fics. Um, and no pregnancy of any kind.

Pinch hitter?: maybe
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Things I'd like: Chuck paired with anybody, McKay/Lorne, Mackay/Beckett, Mckay/Zelenka any slash paring with Caldwell or Woolsey. Crossovers with, Ncis, Star Trek Reboot, Wearhouse 13, Highlander- Ducan MacLeod or Methos (I'm not expecting everything but it just give you a good choice!:-) ) Anything up to and including NC-17. Au's are also accptable if you feel so inclined. Oh yes - MUST have a happy ending but can be angsty getting there.
Things I wouldn't like: Major Character whumping, main character death, inflicting pain for the sake of it, BDSM where pain is inflicted, Character assasination for the sake of it,
What I can do: I prefer to write slash but will do het as a background rel, I will write about bondage and spanking, I am very happy to do Chuck/Woolsey, Chuck/Sheppard, or Chuck with anyone but Ronon.
What I can't do: Heavy BDSM, Exteme Violence, any paring with Ronon, McShep, Weir, will not bash characters for the sake of it.
Pinch hitter?: No sorry
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*shamelessly copied and pasted from last year...with a few changes :)*

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Things I'd like: I prefer slash! PG to NC17. Rodney is my favorite character so I'd prefer a Rodney-centric story. Pairings I like are...John/Rodney, Jack/Rodney, Daniel/Rodney. I like angst, hurt/comfort, drama, action/adventure, and humor but I would definitely prefer the story to have a plot and a happy ending. I like episode tags, I LOVE AUs (canon or non-canon), especially apocalypse/science fiction/fantasy/special powers type AUs. example...how they deal with the world as they know it coming to an end.

Things I wouldn't like: Kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic for John or Rodney (unless non-permanent--zombies count as permanent!), genderswap, het (except as a past mention), PWP. I don't mind Keller in the story as long as she's not with Rodney.

What I can do: Slash (PG to NC-17). I prefer to write Rodney-centric stories--John/Rodney, Jack/Rodney, Daniel/Rodney but would have a go at any other Rodney/OMC. I can write canon or non-canon AU, and will crossover or write fusions with other shows as long as I am familiar with that show! I prefer to write stories with a plot.

What I can't do: Kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic for John or Rodney (unless non-permanent--zombies count as permanent!), genderswap, het (except as a past mention), PWP.

Pinch hitter?: Possibly but depends on how busy I am at the time.
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Things I'd like: Gen is fine. If you want to explore issues of Pegasus culture, language, and traditions, that would be awesome. Pairings I like: I like John. I will be over the moon if I get John/Bill Lee (gen, pre-slash, slash, all good, just want geeky dorkery in aloha shirts *hums Roll a D6* -- if you only know Bill from SGA that's fine by me!). I ship John/Parrish, John/Woolsey, John/Ronon, John/Cam Mitchell, female!John/Sam Carter, John/Rodney, John/Vala; John/Teyla/Kanaan, John/Cam Mitchell/Vala, John/Rodney/Jennifer (the OT3 of my heart); OT4... Things I like: I love creative kinkfic with lots of negotiation, trying new things, pushing limits. I love characters who are asexual or queer or poly or trans or genderqueer or disabled and how they belong in the SG universe and in their relationships. I love complicated relationships, where the characters behave like adults. Before all this makes you cry: I love AUs, especially in canon ARs: Road Less Taken, Continuum, Mensa, Daedalus Variations, Vegas. What makes them different from canon? Apocafic always good. I love Conversion!John. Basically, I love ideas, so if none of that works for you, tell me more about something! The top 5 recipes in the Atlantis mess (why?), how to clean a puddlejumper, why the Ancients had short beds... what Ancient bathrooms are really like ("I think that's a bidet... nowait, tentacles!"). Or tell me about someone! I love Marie the nurse, the gate techs, Biro and other scientists -- tell me about Nancy or Jeannie -- ooh, tell me, tell me what happened to Chaya!

Things I wouldn't like: I am not really fond of Carson or Elizabeth. I don't like OTT woobification or miraclulous recoveries (go ahead and permanetly damage or kill the characters; I enjoy having my heart broken). No supernatural elements (no vampires, elves, zombies, please) and soulbonding (unless it's realistically fucked up). Please no crossovers with other TV shows or films (if your muse is demanding it, ask me first?). No cliches (lemon chicken shunning, prime not prime) unless you're confident your take is boldly different. No character or kink bashing.

What I can do: Gen, slash, femslash, het (prefer McKeller or John/someone). My fluff tends to be angsty, my happy endings more on the hopeful/wistful side. I can write ratings from G to NC17. I have seen all of SGA, most of SG1, and all of SGU. I can write kinkfic. I can write mpreg, fpreg, dubcon, noncon, kink, partner betrayal, character death, whump, underage (teen AUs, etc.) -- it's all good, if you love it I'll write it, bring it on.

What I can't do: I'm not the greatest at complex & intricate plotting, so perhaps no political or mystery thrillers, and I have no military background so no military fic, please. No character or kink bashing. I am not strong or experienced at writing Carson, Lorne, or Elizabeth. The shows/films/books I can crossover with are few, so preferably no crossovers outside of SG.

Pinch hitter?: Yes, possible, prefer post-deadline (which will be after exams for me)
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Things I like: I'm a McShep girl at heart. They are my OTP in this fandom, though I do read, write, and enjoy both gen and other pairings (in no particular order: Teyla/Elizabeth, Teyla/Kate, Teyla/Ronon, Elizabeth/Ronon, Jennifer/Ronon, Radek/Ronon, Evan/Radek, John/Rodney/Jennifer, OT4, Chuck/Evan, Cadman/anyone... the list goes on). I love first times, I love AUs, I love crack and angst and darkfic and fluff. I love almost everything. I'd go for historical AUs or missionfic or kinky PWP or team gen (I know I just said McShep, but if you get stuck, TEAM!). I like all ratings, I like most genres, I like most kinks. If you're looking for more specific prompts, how about an Avengers or X-Men fusion, or stuck-on-an-alien-planet teamfic, or if you like dark, mind-controlled evil!Rodney (or evil!John) wreaking havoc on Atlantis? If you're looking for something more inclusive, then I love slice of life fic about parts of Atlantis we don't see on the show, or alien cultures (Teyla or Ronon backstory would be massive love). Robots, zombies, were-animals, rollerskating, bondage, dystopias, all my faves. Mostly, though, I want you to have a good time writing it. There should be no angst about the writing part – nothing that's included here is a 'must have' – if you enjoy writing it, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it.

Things I don't like: Mpreg is not my cuppa, though I like kidfic. Scatplay is not my kink, and I'm a little leery of cock and ball torture (though perhaps you could be the one to sell it to me!), but I like most everything else I've read, kink-wise. Bashing of any character is not appreciated, and I'd prefer not to have Jennifer fridged to enable the McShep.

What I can do: McShep, John/Rodney/Jennifer, Evan/Radek, Radek/Ronon, Jennifer/Ronon, OT4, team or Atlantis gen (or anyone/Atlantis, heh), character study on any of the characters in the above pairings or most minor characters. AU, canonfic, everything from crack to humor to angst to darkfic, any rating, kink, or trope with the exception of 'what I can't do' below. I love making odd requests work.

What I can't do: Elizabeth, Carson, or Ford as a main character, sorry. Mpreg, scatplay, character bashing, SG-1 crossovers (writing only, because I haven't seen most of the show - I'm fine with SG-1 in the mix for my gift story).

Pinch hitter: Absolutely - and I'm perfectly willing to write all kinds of stuff for pinch hits (beyond the pairings I've listed here), so try me.


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