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Things I'd like: Santa, it's been a long year and McShep is my wish.  Any McShep from first time love to established relationship.  I love them in Atlantis with the team, but I also love AUs, as long as John and Rodney are together, happy and in love with each other.  I really love stories where Rodney is thrown out of his element and has to work outside of his comfort zone.  I love stories that show us life on Atlantis, where there's an emergency every day before breakfast.  I would love something that's set after EATG with Atlantis and our team back in Pegasus and showing that life goes on.

Things I wouldn't like:   I prefer Carson to Keller, but don't want to see any character bashing to get John & Rodney together.  No heavy kinks or deathfic please.  I don't mind angst as long as there's a happy ending.

What I can do: While I can write gen if that's what you need, I prefer McShep, as written above.

What I can't do: No pairings except McShep – no heavy smut with that - I just don't think I write it well.

Pinch hitter?:   No, I'm sorry.  I will be working hard to get my fic done.

Santa Baby!

Oct. 8th, 2012 06:38 pm
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Things I'd like: McShep is my One True Pairing in this fandom, but I would also be delighted by any combination of Sheppard, McKay and Rodney. Teyla is welcome into a threesome or moresome, too. (I just, I'm not a het shipper. But Teyla is awesome, and she should totally have two or more men catering to her every whim, IMHO.) I also utterly adore Zelenka, and love Zelenka/McKay, or Zelenka/Sheppard/McKay. Also, Gen is great.

In terms of storyline, I'm relatively easy. I like funny stuff, fluff, romance (as long as it doesn't fall into the 'stupid misunderstandings' trope), worldbuilding, sensible aliens, mission-fic, and if you think you can do it, I love the kind of fic where either Earth is lost, they're stranded in the Pegasus Galaxy all by themselves, or where they've declared themselves independent from Earth for whatever reason.

Things I wouldn't like: Non-con, very heavy angst, AU, everybody-is-gay, heavy kinks like bloodplay, knifeplay or scat (I'm totally fine with bondage and BDSM, if you want to go the porn route), depression or, specific trigger here, amnesia.

What I can do: I could generally write everything I'm requesting above. I could also write porn, some kinks included (though plot does tend to creep in), I'm good at UST, and I can write angst no problem, I just don't often feel like reading it. I can do all the pairings listed above, as well. I love doing crossovers, but only if I know both source materials reasonably well.

What I can't do: Het, I'm generally terrible at straight up gen, but I'm good at plot with pairings in the background, if that's fine, the specific dislikes listed above as well as the triggers, character-bashing. It's been a while since I watched SGA all the way through, so no episode specific stories, if possible.

Pinch hitter?: If I've turned mine in on time, it'd be fine to ask me, no problem.
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Will not miss this!

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Things I'd like: John/Rodney. If you're good at it: humor. If you're not confident in your funny bone: light romance -- or Gen! Gen is always good. I'm hungry for stories set in the first or second season, before John (apparently) ran out of hair gel.

They didn't know what would be on the other side of the gate, hadn't made the serious blunders in the Pegasus galaxy that turned everyone against the team. They assumed that anyone who wasn't Wraith would be on the same side. And the different survival strategies worlds had to deal with the Wraith -- hide, brazen it out, high-tech weapons, collaboration -- so interesting! (Hmm, I'd love a story that includes a low-tech approach. Why didn't people in Pegasus put their gates in a cave where a Wraith dart would smack into a wall?)

Or how about an old fashioned plotty ZPM hunt? Maybe a crumbling ancient weapon? Or, for a season two fic, how about a heavy dosage of Lorne being Lorne, knowing more than he wants to know? And while I don't miss Ford (sorry Ford!), I do miss the English guy, whatwashisname?

There's an innocence to that first year, where every discovery was a major discovery (yay, spaceships!) and Rodney was at his most enthusiastically rude.

I guess I'm asking for plot, but in truth, I don't care if the whole fic's about John and Rodney skipping rocks off the pier, so long as it brings back that old-time SGA feeling.

Things I wouldn't like: Any pairing but John/Rodney. What I call "slash world," where every other male character is also gay and paired up. Lots of NC-17 sex: just not in the mood for it this year. In addition, it's Christmas, so while sweet to bittersweet is okay, I'd prefer nothing dark. I miss the show, so I'm hoping for canon-ish slash over an AU.

What I can do: I'm really in a "recapture the feel of early SGA" mode, so if someone else wants this, that's your best shot at a good story from me. This year I'm only interested in writing either gen, John/Rodney, or I might do John/Lorne. I can do humor, light romance, alien cultures, awkward technology, fic set in the Pegasus Galaxy, curtain fic. I can pull off AUs but would prefer Pegasus galaxy fic. Oh! And I write SG-1 too, so if someone wants SGA/SG-1, that's no problem.

What I can't do: Het of any kind. That Doctor Whatshername. Pairings involving Teyla or Ronon. Threesomes and foursomes. Not in a mood to write NC-17 right now, so any assigned to me would suck. And I'm in a deep state of denial about Atlantis being moved to Earth.

Pinch hitter?: I might be able to pinch hit. Let's see what happens to my schedule.
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Things I'd like: This year the thing I'd LOVE most of all the things ever is kinda strange lol. The characters as anthropomorphized animals. Yes. Like, you know, kinda like Furries, only... more like all those fantasy books where there are no humans. Or like Furries, let's face it I love furries. AU or on Atlantis, whichever.

McShep, McBeck, Beckett/Zelenka, Lorne/Zelenka, Lorne/Parrish, Sheppard/McKay/Beckett, take your pick, use them all, whatevs I'm easy :D

Slash only, please, no Keller, and Ronon being Ronon makes me happy.

If my number one thing I want isn't working for you, I'd really like maybe an LGBT story? FtM characters are a big big love of mine, as are coming out of the closet (adult or late high school/college), DADT repeal, broken gaydar, and awkward fumblings lol.

I'm good with lots of other stuff too- AUs, lycanthropy, vampirism (NOT sparkly vampires thanks lol), steampunk, PWP, romance, crack, time travel, body switching (no genderswap though), angst, pining/oblivious, kinky sex...

NC-17 please :) Feel free to mix and match any of this stuff too.

Things I wouldn't like: Het, gen, femslash, Keller, noncon, death, male characters lactating (...idk why this would come up, but, better safe), men acting like 14 year old girls (except in the case of crack because that's hysterical)

What I can do: Slash only, any combination of Sheppard, McKay, Beckett, Zelenka, Lorne, and Parrish. G-NC17. AUs, canon, some crack (I wrote about beets once, okay? Man, IDEK), first times, PWP, kink (most of them lol), preternatural characters...

What I can't do: gen (it always ends up slashy), het (it always ends up slashy), femslash (it always ends up unfinished), I have no Keller voice, I can't write missions.

Pinch hitter?: Possibly.

need some tags: David Parrish, Parrish/Lorne, maybe a LGBT tag would be kinda cool?
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Things I'd like: McKay/Sheppard only, please, though I do love me some Zelenka/Lorne or Lorne/Parish on the side. I really love the trope of soulbonding. I enjoy AUs (full AUs and canon-AUs) and I love what-if scenarios (for example what if McKay had been trapped in the time dilation field with John? What if John was actually an Ancient rather than just having the genes? Things like that catch my interest, it's why I tend to write about them myself). If you can do it, Santa, I would love, love, LOVE a Highlander: TS Fusion or Crossover. I hope there are enough ideas in there for you. Additionally I would very much like a happy ending.

Things I wouldn't like: No explicit het or femslash, no hurt without comfort or torture for the sake of torture. Please do not split up my OTP. Though I'm fine if they are just getting out of a relationship when they meet I don't really want to read too much about it. I have nothing against Keller, please no bashing. No partner betrayal.

What I can do: Slash (m/m), I do best with pairings I love, so McShep would be best. I'd rather not push out of my comfort zone this time around. I can do all different stages of AU, crossovers, fluff, angst, torture and I can do dark, though I do better with fluffy. I can write Beckett, Zelenka, Lorne, Carter, Weir, etc.

What I can't do: Het or femslash, character death, no kinks (BDSM, etc), rape. I'm not good at writing sex in general and don't think I'd be able to deliver a good PWP. I'm not so good at writing Woolsey and Keller, but I'll happily give it a try.

Pinch hitter? No.
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Things I'd like: McShep please. The higher the rating, the bigger the love, aka R or NC-17 would be great. I like cliches like AMTDI, Harlequin, Soulbonding (my all time fav), AUs and crossovers (SG-1, Highlander, Sentinel, HP only please!), kidfic (they HAVE kids, not they ARE kids!!!). First time would be lovely but is no must have, so is M-preg. I also happen to be a fan of angst (torture/non-con/etc not overly graphic, please) as long as I get to have my happy end. In fact, a happy end is the only must have here. =)

Things I wouldn't like: (prettty much what I alwasy say here) I don’t want any het, femslash, hurt without comfort, and the ‘happy end’ automatically excludes death of my OTP. No John/anyone but Rodney or Rodney/anyone but John. Exception is Rodney breaking it off with Keller to get together with John. No turning them into anything that doesn’t look, act or feel like a human. No partner betrayal/ domestic abuse. NO mentions of SGU whatsoever.

What I can do: Everything I would like, I can write. I will write slash (m/m). I can do AUs and crossovers, m-preg, jealousy, fluff, angst, oblivious/pining, kink, torture, non-con, dub-con, rape/torture aftermath, Beckett, Zelenka, Lorne, Sam (if I don’t have to write her in a relationship). Despite the angst, I’m better at ending stories happily instead of unhappy.

What I can't do: Everything I don’t like to receive. (Het, femslash, death of John or Rodney - minor characters are okay) I won't write Rodney/anyone but John, except if I am allowed to break them up. I prefer to write McShep, because while I CAN do John/Rodney friendship to an extend, I’m much better at writing them as lovers. I won’t do any heavy kinks like bloodplay, watersports, scat, heavy BDSM, etc. I prefer not to write extremely graphic torture or non-con. I’m not that good at PWP, but can try if I have to. I can’t write a Keller, Woolsey or Carter centric fic. If I'm asked to write GEN or PG-13, it’s likely to turn out very boring, be warned.

b>Pinch hitter? Not this time, sorry.
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Dear mods, I stink at tags, if I missed any, please let me know. Thanks

Things I'd like: McShep only please.
NC:17 please, the more graphic the better :) cause I love it! 
I think this year I'll be a little less specific so my Santa can chose from my list or add it all together. Here goes...
I love AU's(either with or without a Stargate, although I've been loving some without a Stargate AU's latey)! Mpreg! First time! Pining/Oblivious (with very sexy sexy happy ending)! Romance! I've found myself reading and usually liking a lot of those harlequin romance type stories lately, so that'd work too. Zombie apocalypse with John and Rodney as either alone(together lol) or the main focus in a small group of survivors. Regular apocalypse where they find one another.  
I like Angst, hurt/comfort, non-con, aliens made them do it. I'm pretty easy to please as long as it's McShep. Also, if there is need for a doctor, make it Carson please, either original or clone.

Things I wouldn't like: Het! Gen! Femslash! Focus on any pairing but McShep! McKeller is a major no-no! John or Rodney with anyone but each other (unless it's just a little bit before the boys realize they should be together :) ) 

What I can do: I only write slash. McShep is where I spend most of my time, but I can also write Markham/Stackhouse. I can write Mpreg, Ailens made them do it, H/C, non-con. Pretty much anything I asked for, I can write.

What I can't do: I can't write Keller and have people still like me. I can't write het or gen and have it be any good. I can't write femslash. Other than that, I'm pretty okay with other stuff. Pretty much, anything I put in my "don't want" section should be repeated in my "can't do" section.
I also suck at writing missions, and team centered fic.

Pinch hitter?: It will probably take me all the time allowed to finish my own story, but in the event that I finish quickly (which isn't likely since I can't seem to write short stories), just ask and I'll see what I can do :)

SGA Santa!

Sep. 29th, 2012 03:59 pm
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Things I'd like: Rodney-centric stories! Prefer slash and love John/Rodney, Rodney/Jack, Rodney/Daniel but would be happy with any Rodney/OMC. I prefer the story to have a PLOT rather than a PWP. I don't mind angst, h/c etc but prefer a happy ending please! Love AUs... magic especially. Like crossovers where I know the other movie/show.
Things I wouldn't like: Not keen on kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic, genderswap
What I can do: I prefer to write slash but will do gen too. Prefer to write Rodney centric stories. Happy to write AUs and crossovers where I know the other movie/TV show.
What I can't do: I have no desire to write het or anything other than Rodney-centric stories. I'd prefer not to write kink, BDSM, Dom/s, deathfic, genderswap.
Pinch hitter?: Really depends on how much free time I have by then so, probably, no.
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Things I'd like: OT4 (John/Ronon/Rodney/Teyla), John/Ronon, Ronon-centric, Sam/Jennifer, Weir/Teyla, Jennifer/Teyla, random Sam/Cam hijinks. Any rating, G through NC-17, teamfic, gen (in no particular order, all beloved by me). I prefer off world or Earth post-Atlantis. Happy or sad, dark or light. I love violence and hurt/comfort. I'm easily amused by crackfic and holidayfic.

Things I wouldn't like: No meta or AUs por favor. No Carson, no Lorne. Not a huge fan of minor characters. Otherwise, the sky's the limit. Turn them into pregnant emo butterflies in love with watersports. Rape and kill them. I'm open.

What I can do: I can do anything

What I can't do: Nothing. For every single request so far, I'm like, yes, THIS ONE!

Pinch hitter?: Yes
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Things I like: John Sheppard, pairing(s): (prefer if the story calls for a romantic background) John/Cameron, and John/Rodney. I love action and angst, strong team dynamics. I love mindf*cks, h/c (and sometimes you don't even have to do the comfort portion), BDSM. I also really enjoy the idea of Sheppard being asexual. A very strong plot (It's like a coffee milkshake sprinkled with espresso.) One last thing: I really really really want to see a version of the The Shrine with John being the one infected.

Things I wouldn't like: Believe it or not...gratuitious sex. Sheppard in a het relationship.

What I can do: Ancienty mindscrews and action. I haven't written much SGA but I can try and do something with the other main characters as long as John is the POV - So, I can also do friendship and gen.

What I can't do: Sex and milary jargon.

Pitch hitter: Sorry, but no. I'm terrified as it is writing a single story.
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Things I'd like:

John/Rodney: - I love these two guys! I'll be happy with anything you come up with. I'm okay with both first time, and established relationship. I do prefer that the focus of the story not be entirely about romance. I like the guys doing things, exploring Atlantis, stumbling into danger, getting themselves into and out of trouble. I also like having Teyla and Ronon in the story, but not as yentas. A Team story with a side of John/Rodney would be excellent! But as I said, I'd be happy with anything with John/Rodney.

Rodney/Teyla: I really wish there had been more canon with just these two. I think they have a very interesting dynamic, and I always wonder how their relationship developed from strangers to friends/teammates. I'm absolutely fine with a gen friendship fic! I'd love a story with Rodney and Teyla teaming together to save the day. It would be really interesting to see Rodney and Teyla pitted against John and Ronon -- but no prank war or shipping, I'd like this scenario to be strictly gen.

If you're inclined to write Rodney/Teyla in a relationship, please don't vilify Jennifer or Kanaan.

I also wouldn't mind a domestic fic where Rodney, Teyla and Torren do something together, and Rodney discovers how much he loves the little guy. Teyla/Kanaan is fine for this one. Uncle Rodney with Torren would be very sweet!

General things I like: Rereading the above, I guess it's obvious that I love the Team. A gen team fic would be awesome! I like all of the canon AUs, such as Mensaverse and Vegasverse. I have a real soft spot for any type of Conversion AU. I like stories that explore Atlantis. Also stories that explore Pegasus culture. Kitten/Cat fic - Rodney getting a kitten or some Pegasus version of a cat would be great!

The thing that's really important to me is that you have fun with the story you write. I'm really easy going, and it makes me very happy that someone is writing a story for me!

Things I wouldn't like: Character bashing of any kind. I have my preferences, but that doesn't mean I want the other characters turned into convenient villains. I don't want any kind of break-up story. Deal with Jennifer as Rodney's friend after an amicable break-up well in the past, if you want. Or they never got together. No ugly break-up scenes or infidelity of any kind. No deathfic, permanent mutilation, brain damage or amnesia, scat, watersports, or humiliation. I like angst that leads to a well earned happy ending. No excessive whump with little comfort.

What I can do: John/Rodney with a focus on romance and the development of their relationship, or something more plotty. I can write fluff, but I can also do something fairly angsty leading to a happy ending. I can't do anything in my Things I wouldn't like list. Sorry, but if I write any sex at all, it would be pretty vanilla. I seem to have lost my kink muse.

I can also do gen Team (Rodney+Ronon+Teyla+John) fic. I can do plot! It might not be exceptionally complicated, but I can definitely do some action/adventure. I can do some exploration of Atlantis or Pegasus cultures. I will make sure that all four Team members get a chance to shine. I can also do a more domestic story with the Team spending down time together, maybe with Kanaan, Torren and/or Amelia.

What I can't do: Elizabeth, Radek, Carson, Lorne, Jennifer, Woolsey in a prominent role. I'm fine with them in supporting roles. I regret that I can't do kink. I can't do extreme whump, or anything that ends with permanent damage to any character. No deathfic.

Pinch hitter?: No, sorry.

ETA: I think I need a tag for Torren.
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Things I'd like: John/Rodney please. I love all variety of AU's, with a special love for schoolau's and fantastyau's. Crossovers and fusions, harlequin, and regency romance are also very nice. I love canon-based fic as well, team!fic, first!time, kid!fic, genderbenders (with a special fondness for Meredith fic), as well as bottom and/or sub Rodney (so obviously kink is a go too). I like de-aged fic, bamf!Rodney, fluff, humor, pwps, and most cliches -  AMTDI, marriage of convenience, telepathy, were-animals, etc.
Things I wouldn't like: Character death, unhappy endings, infidelity, incest, or Mensa AU's. John or Rodney with someone else (though if my Santa has an idea with that element and really wants to write it, please no explicit John/Other or Rodney/Other). No watersports/scat play.
What I can do: John/Rodney PWP or fluff. I'm willing to try my hand at any other pairing or even gen fic.
What I can't do: John or Rodney with someone other than each other.
Pinch hitter?: Since this is my first year of participation, I don't want to take on too much - so no, sorry.
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Things I'd Like: I like a lot of things and I'm pretty easy to please, but to help inspire my secret santa, here are some of my favorites: episodic fic, team!fic, canon-compliant or canon-divergent fic (as opposed to a total AU or AR, although in-canon AUs/ARs like Vegas!verse are good), hurt/comfort, unexplored backstory, character development, crack!fic, crack-y ideas that somehow morph into something more serious, asexual characters, gender-bending or gender-swap, poly, OT3/OT4, ensemble fic where multiple characters have a hand in the overall story, kink, and porn! \o/ I also love mpreg, but I like reactions to it to be realistic and congruent with the characters' personalities, etc. Mostly prefer slash (followed by het followed by femslash followed by gen). I like characters being smart and kicking ass; I like agency and internal conflict and subtle humor/plot twists. Some of my favorite episodes are Sateda, Childhood's End, The Siege II, The Last Man, The Brotherhood, Vegas, Tabula Rasa, and Conversion.

I love every character on the Expedition, so you can't go wrong there. I also love Keras, Todd, and sometimes Michael. And Allina! :D I'd love to see Ford leading an off-world team, or Weir going on a mission in a capacity other than leader, or any kind of Wraith history or mythology or culture; also, Jonas in Atlantis, anything that explores Sheppard's connection to the Wraith, or cultural extrapolations based on canon (what do we not know about Sateda, Athos, Keras' world, et cetera?).

For pairings, I mostly read John/Rodney and rare pairs such as John/Keras, Rodney/Aiden, and Lorne/Zelenka (not as rare as the others, but still a smaller pairing). Some other rare pairings I'd like to see: Teyla/Jonas, Ronon/Vala, Ford/Keller, Weir/Kavanagh, Laura Cadman/Katie Brown, and/or any combination of Lorne/Jonas/Kavanagh/Zelenka/Ronon. For canon pairings, I like Teyla/Kanaan and Ronon/Amelia.

Things I Do Not Want: John Sheppard, to me, knows what his feelings are, he just doesn't communicate them very well, so please don't make him emotionally clueless if you write his POV. Nothing supernatural, such as werewolves or vampires. No Sheppard/Weir, no McKay/Keller except as background or past relationship (or on the way to being past), although I do enjoy John/Rodney/Jennifer. No character or kink bashing. As for kinks, I don't want watersports, emetophilia, or scat play. I don't like AMTDI when played for humor; I'm not into soulbonding. No gender-swap for the purposes of "correcting" a same-sex pairing.

Things I Can Do: Pretty much anything. I'm better at angst with a smattering of fluff, rather than complete fluff. Best at episodic fics, angst & hurt/comfort, and action; better at slash but also write het, fem and gen. I love culture-building, character study, and rare pairs, and I enjoy doing experimental things like poetry.

Things I Can't Do: I don't write Sheppard/Weir, and I don't write McKay/Keller except as background or past relationship. Pairings-wise, that's mostly it. I'm not a fan of total AUs/ARs, nor do I care much for werewolves/vampires/etc. I don't character bash. I don't write watersports, emetophilia, or scat play; I'm iffy on AMTDI (if I write it, I don't play it for laughs).

Pinch-hit? Perhaps. We'll see what happens!
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What I would like: I adore all things John/Rodney. I love a happy ending, but angst and h/c along the way is good, (mmhhhh yummy H/C!!) as long as they do finally get that happy ending. I love AUs and the whole Harlequin genre.

I adore Vegas John. I love the idea of replicator/android/clone Rodney finding his humanity or being aware of the limits of his genius because he is a clone/android/replicator. I love it when John is either inept, inexperienced, completely repressed or just really really bad in bed and Rodney isn't. I love stories where the way John treats Rodney (kind of like a school bully) with the constant teasing/hazing/jokes about lemmons ect is addressed and overcome. I like crossovers with SG1 or with a completely non-SciFi genre, say like NCIS or Criminal Minds investigating the, even for a combat zone, extra high levels of deaths, or someone higly connected finding out that the story of their lost son or daughter's death is a cover story and suspecting a different kind of conspiracy, putting the wierd world of SGA under the microscope, and or being the catalyst for the John/Rodney relationship. I adore post conversion stories where John is still part bug but is afraid to reveal it and this makes him even more repressed. And pining, I love a good pining story where one of them is sadly resigned to never having what they want, and the other is completely oblivious. Or wow! Combine those last two with pining bug!John all droopy antenae and giving off sad little bursts of please love me bug pheromones.

What I don't like: Stories where John and Rodney are or become children or teenagers, although I don't mind the whole ancient gizmo turns Rodney into his cute twenty-something self plot, as long as it turns him back again. I don't like stories that make Keller unrealistically the bad guy in order to get John and Rodney together.

What can I give: I'll write most kinds of John/Rodney from fluffy vanilla to kinky and mildish S&M (but not too hard core, and I'm no good at writing top John/sub Rodney for some reason I can never get that to work!) I would have a go at any kind of supporting cast or crossover (as long as the cross is something accessible via you tube for research)

Pinch Hitter: It will totally depend on whether my own story is already finished.
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Things I'd like: John/Teyla, epic action/adventure with relationship, Teyla-as-hero, a story where Teyla is the central character and John happens to be the "girl" she gets along the way to solving the problem and saving the galaxy. Failing John/Teyla, I would also love and adore Teyla-centric gen, Teyla-centric friendship, Teyla-centric pairings (with the exception marked below), and/or female characters (at least Teyla) saving the day and kicking physical or metaphorical ass along the way. Action, drama, humour, romance, whatever! I always hang out for an epic action/adventure relationship fic, but y'know, funny and fluffy works, too!
Some links:
- A guide to writing for me
- Writing for me in a general ficathon (or: my specific and general requests and what they mean)
genderswapped narrative tropes and me
Things I wouldn't like: Sheppard/Weir, Sheppard/McKay, Teyla/Ronon.
What I can do: Gen. Any pairing but the Do Not Wants above. I'm better with Teyla, the team, and the female characters, but can write most characters with some degree of success.
What I can't do: Pairings listed above.
Pinch hitter?: Probably not unless you have someone who wants John/Teyla or Teyla.
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Things I'd like: At my core, I'm a slash guy.  I love McShep and Porne (Parrish/Lorne) both, because there's so much that can be done with both.  And I love AUs as well.  And while yes, there've been a ton of McShep AUs, there're actually very few Porne AUs.  I'm a sucker for kid!fic (where the boys adopt/etc a kid or two), though I'm iffy about MPREG (I like some, I don't like others).  And anything schmoopy would be awesome; I love first-time and romance.
Things I wouldn't like: Stories where McShep or Porne aren't the main coupling.  I also don't like death!fic or BDSM, and as I said, probably not MPREG.
What I can do: 95% of what I write is slash, and generally "happy" fic with lots of humor.  I love writing McShep or Porne myself, and will occasionally (I'm looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] clwilson2006!) write Porndex (Parrish/Lorne/Dex threesome fic), though Parrish & Lorne is just about the only coupling I can throw Dex into (though I can try - just not with McKay or Sheppard!).  I can write other slash pairings sometimes, when properly motivated (mostly Chuck/OMC).
What I can't do: I can't write dark!fic unless I'm really, really in the mood for it, and won't write death!fic or BDSM.  I really can't write Keller.
Pinch hitter?: Absolutely!  I did last year, and it was great!
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Things I'd like: Pairings: John/Rodney, John/Rodney/Ronon, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, John/Ronon, Rodney/Ronon, Rodney/Teyla, or Jennifer/John/Rodney (if you write this last one, I'd really like all of them to be together at the end of the fic).

I'm a big fan of AUs; steampunk, urban fantasy or Vegas based AUs in particular will make me incredibly happy and some combination of those three would be awesome! Other kinds of AUs are good too including canon type AU's like cut off from/abandoned by Earth stories, or Conversion based fics where John's still part bug. And of course, I like kink and porn, but I'd rather you were comfortable than not, so don't feel obliged to get kinky/porny. If you do write kink, I like D/s, painplay of all kinds, dubcon and tentacles (dubcon tentacles are so made of win). Showing the characters negotiate is always a plus, as is one character introducing the other to a new kink. I don't mind angst, but I like some emotional pay off and a happy ending after heavy angst.

Things I wouldn't like: I utterly loathe character bashing, so please none of that, particularly bashing canon partners in order to write a different pairing. I don't like WNGWJLEO, or slash in which one of the characters acts like every bad female stereotype you've ever seen. No deathfic, please.

What I can do: I'll write all of the pairings I list above. I'm good with kink and porn and kinky porn of all kinds. I'll write AUs or canon based fic or canon based AUs.

What I can't do: Pairings other than the ones I list above. I don't write gen and I won't do deathfic. I have a hard time writing heavy-duty angst and I won't do character whumping/bashing.

Pinch hitter?: Probably not.
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Things I’d like: Strongly prefer McKay/Sheppard but am okay with gen/teamfic (canon relationships allowed as background) – can be action/adventure/plot based or more relationship based – I love when the team kicks ass and takes names – I love when the team is team – I love the snark with its underlying affection – I love first times but I also love an established relationship, especially when John and Rodney are easy and natural, just comfortable together because they know they are BFFs and love each other like mad – AUs are awesome (see caveat below), hurt/comfort is love, angst makes the world go ‘round, a balance of serious and humor (as on the show) is great – I love when Atlantis is a bit more than they’ve shown us on the series, ie, John’s connection and special “relationship” with her or something focusing on cool Ancient tech – I love cut off from Earth scenarios (but not so much colony!Atlantis) – I enjoy a good Harlequin-style romp with misunderstandings and dramatic declarations – “a day in the life” or a day when the rest of the expedition gets to save the day is greatness – I love episode-related pieces and focusing on the details – my John is a well-respected, competent officer and does more than push paperwork off on Lorne and get chased by natives off-world (though he does those things, too) – my Rodney is respected despite his, shall we say, special personality and isn’t tolerated by the expedition solely because he can (and does) save them all – my Teyla is such the mom of the group, strong and graceful and kick-ass – and my Ronon is more than a savage who tears through the Marines in practice – my expedition, as a whole, feels that Atlantis is home and are fiercely loyal to their commanders and each other – they are smart and dedicated and family in all the ways that matter – I’ll take any commander (ie, a story set in any season, with Weir, Carter, or Woolsey at the helm…or the time post-Weir when Sheppard called the shots) – something more military focused (that shows how smart and awesome the Atlantis forces are) is great, too, and I love Lorne – happy ending strongly preferred – So many words just to say that basically, I’m easy. :) Pick something…pick a few somethings…run with whatever crazy idea pops into your head. 
Things I wouldn’t like: partner betrayal/infidelity, permanent heartbreak, more than mild kink, Sheppard with anyone but McKay, death of a major character (serious injuries okay), AUs based on either McKay and Mrs. Miller or Vegas (not that I don’t like them! just not in the mood), mpreg, non-consensual sex, Beckett as a major character, colony!Atlantis, apocafic, any mention whatsoever of SGU
What I can do: McKay/Sheppard, gen/teamfic/friendship, character study/focus on one of the characters, canon relationships (ie, Teyla/Kanaan, Jeannie/Kaleb, McKay/Keller – but not happily ever after for that last), minor characters (not shipped); action/adventure, AU, angst, romance, hurt/comfort, first time, established relationship, crossover (if I know it!), rated G to NC-17, fluff, deathfic, light kink (not much past mild D/s), ep-related, detail oriented, backstory, futurefic, off-world or in Atlantis
What I can’t do: Sheppard with anyone but McKay (except past John/Nancy), heavy kink, partner betrayal (unless with a reason that lets it end happily), I can do some humor but not in the “spit-take” “cracktastic” sense, no physics/math as critical to the storyline (my technobabble is weak)
Pinch hitter? Yes

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Things I'd like:
John/Rodney is my OTP so I'd like McShep please.
Am happy to have any other characters/pairings included. Prefer m/m Slash but happy to have het/femslash as additional or background pairing. Whatever your fave pairing is (as long as it doesn't split McShep) feel free to convert me!
My fave SGA characters are Teyla, Ronon, Zelenka, Lorne, Carson and Jennifer. I also love the SG1 cast if any of them would like to pop by! 
I like first time fics, oblivious or pining characters, misunderstandings, protective characters, jealousy, UST, contact with Jeannie (visit or email), Team friendship 
I like seeing John and Rodney being badass in their professional roles and love matchmaking team/colleagues
I'd prefer a getting together fic to an established relationship.
I do enjoy kidfic but prefer the 'accident with ancient tech route' rather than mpreg.
I LOVE humor in stories but also enjoy angst and drama as long as it all works out in the end.
Post Season 5 – w/ Atlantis back in Pegasus would be welcome (but not necessary).
Any rating will be fine, but would not complain about hot sex!

Things I wouldn't like: 
Permanent death of McKay or Sheppard (temporary okay),
McKay or Sheppard in another pairing (references to previous relationships okay),
I'd prefer no unhappy endings - angsty is fine as long as ending is happy. 
non-con, partner betrayal, mpreg, genderswitch, character bashing, threesomes or moresomes, extreme kink (esp: watersports, fisting)
any mention (past/present) of mitchell/sheppard - I was totally squicked by accidentally reading a story with this pairing and extreme Rodney bashing. To extent that I can't read anything with Mitchell included (though if you could cure me off my ridiculous mitchell phobia by including him as a matchmaker or snarky friend/frenemy of Rodney's but NOT a rival for John that would be awesome)

What I can do:
prefer McShep slash but am happy to have a go at most anything/anyone as long as I don't have to write John or Rodney in any other pairing . I like to write humor. I tend towards character driven fic rather than plotty adventures unless given a detailed prompt. I love prompts!

What I can't do:
Am happy to have a go at most anything/anyone as long as I don't have to write John or Rodney in any other pairing.  
Preferrably not items on things I wouldn't like list.

Pinch hitter?:
If needed. 


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