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Pinch hitter 1: Likes McKay/Sheppard, AUs of all sorts, especially What If AUs. AUs that have them with an age disparity. Rodney as a teen meeting an adult John is a particular weakness. Alternate versions of John and/or Rodney having sex with canon John/Rodney. Main squicks are: noncon, 'gay for you' stuff, sex without affection.

Pinch hitter 2: Mitchell/Sheppard or Carter/Sheppard for preference but also Chuck/Woolsey, McKay/Sheppard, , Beckett/McKay and many other secondary pairings it's okay to include. SG-1 crossovers welcome. Likes ship fic. No femslash pairings as the main pairing, but secondary pairings fine.

Pinch hitter 3 (wrote three pinch hits): McKay/Sheppard, loves team fics and Teyla and Ronon being present and being awesome. Stargate AUs and transformation fics especially welcome.

Pinch hitter 4: Sheppard-centric fic. Sheppard/various pairings (Sheppard/Vala, Sheppard/Dex/Emmagan in particular) or gen. No Beckett, McKay or Weir as main characters.

Pinch hitter 5: Lorne/Parrish or Lorne-centric gen. Loves minor character fic.

Pinch hitter 6: McKay/Sheppard, Keller/McKay/Sheppard, Emmagan/Weir (it seems that this pairing is one of those 'always asks, never gets' ones :D), Lorne/Zelenka, Dex/Zelenka, Cadman/anyone but Sheppard or McKay, Chuck/anyone. Main do not want is McKay or Sheppard paired with anyone else.

Trying to keep them anonymous as far as possible, so I've paraphrased where I can. And our final pinch hitter didn't sign up but is quite happy not to submit prompts, so a round of applause for them instead is in order, I think :D

Okay, now I really can collapse in a heap, or at least take my son out for a walk before he forgets what fresh air tastes like. I'm planning to take tomorrow off from modly duties, so please don't panic if you don't get a reply within 24 hours to any submissions for Madness as we usually do :)

Have a lovely Christmas, everyone, and Happy Holidays!
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Okay guys, here are the prompts submitted by our pinch hitters, just in case anyone feels like giving them a treat or two :)

Pinch hitters who didn't sign up for the original exchange and therefore have no story )

Pinch hitters already part of the fest )

There's no need to claim any of these, or anything like that. Just put the pinch hitter's number if your recipient field and we'll update it with the name once the reveal happens on the first :)
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As was the case last year, we're pulling out the prompts supplied by our pinch hitters in case anyone wants to do something special for them during Santa Madness. Dear Pinch Hitters, please note that this does not guarantee you a story or any additional stories. But shy bairns get nowt ::g:: Everyone else, please note that this is just a nice part of Santa Madness, and you can find details in the post linked above (i.e., no need to claim, no min word count etc).

ETA: Okay, I'm screening comments just in case anyone accidentally outs themselves :)

I'm splitting them down into those who pinch hit even though they never signed up for the exchange, and consequently don't have any story at all, and those who did originally sign up for the exchange and therefore have at least one story already.

Brief enticements shown in the cut tag, details behind the cut.

The Bold, The Beautiful, The Unfulfilled: Pinch Hitters without a story

pinch hitter 1 - McKay/Sheppard )

pinch hitter 2 [wrote three pinch hits, including one on Christmas Day!] - Sheppard-centric slash/threesomes/gen )

pinch hitter 3 - Lorne gen )

The Previous Participants: Pinch Hitters who already have at least one story

pinch hitter 4 [wrote two pinch hits] - Zelenka slash, no McKay/Sheppard )

pinch hitter 5 - McKay-centric het or gen - please note, prompts updated )

pinch hitter 6 - Sheppard-centric )

pinch hitter 7 - slash, Beckett/Dex or Lorne/Zelenka )

pinch hitter 8 - Beckett/McKay or Beckett/Zelenka )

pinch hitter 9 - crossover with SG-1, Sheppard/Mitchell, Lorne/Sheppard )

pinch hitter 10 - Lorne/Zelenka )

pinch hitter 11 - gen, team-centric )

Please note the number of the pinch hitter it's for in your story notes, in the recipient field, and we'll let them know which one they are.
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As Claire has already mentioned, we came very close to hitting 1,000,000 words this fest, so we've thrown the challenge open to anyone who wants to write something else and see if we can't make it to that many words before 1 January. And as I mentioned previously, we owe a great deal to our pinch hitters for making sure everyone got at least one story by Christmas Day, some of whom didn't sign up originally and therefore have no story and all of who are awesome and deserve some love.

So if you're considering the former challenge and are wondering what to write, I am gathering our pinch hitters' requests together in this post in the hopes that it will serve as some inspiration. However, if not, don't forget that everyone who signed up has their original requests in the memories of the comm here so you can go poking around for a prompt/request that does inspire you :)

I'll add any new requests that come through, so check back to this post, and if you're someone who pinch hit and hasn't had a chance to flag up your original request or make a new one, I'm still collecting prompts on this post here (comments are screened on that post but not on this one).

And, without further ado, onto the prompts:

Pinch hitters not part of the original fest

i.e. these people didn't sign up originally but stepped in at the last moment, and therefore don't have any stories

Pinch hitter 1 - Sheppard/Woolsey, Keller/McKay, gen Jeannie, women of Pegasus i.e. Teyla, Larrin )

Pinch hitter 2 - alternative universe or dark fic )

Pinch hitter 3 - No prompts submitted yet )

Pinch hitters who took part in the fest

Pinch hitter 4 - McKay/Sheppard but also alternative pairings )

Pinch hitter 5 - gen Teyla and Rodney fic. Alternatively John and Teyla )

Pinch hitter 6 - Rodney McKay focused hurt comfort, gen or Keller/McKay )

Pinch hitter 7 - fond, silly, affectionate, playful John/Rodney and team! )

Pinch hitter 8 - McKay/Sheppard, hurt-comfort welcome )

Pinch hitter 9 - John/Cam )

Pinch hitter 10 - John/Rodney, happy ending please. )

Pinch hitter 11 - Humour, Ancient Technology, Snark )

When you either post your story or submit your story to us to post anon before the reveal (which happens on the 1st), please put 'pinch hitter #' in the recipient line and we'll let the pinch hitters know which number has been allocated to them, so that they know if they got an extra story (or story at all! ::g::).

Please remember that [ profile] sga_santa!madness ends at the point of reveal on 1 January 2010, and stories posted after that won't count towards the 1,000,000 word goal count. They'll still count as an extra story for a lucky person, though :)
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This fest owes a lot to our fabulous pinch hitters, some of whom didn't even sign up for the original fest so don't have a story! So, in case you were thinking of contributing to the madness and were looking for inspiration, I'm going to ask that our pinch hitters either submit a prompt in the comments to this post (which are screened) or point me to their original prompts if they still want that (in the memories of the comm if you've lost it ::g::) and I'll do a post pulling them together.


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