Jun. 21st, 2017 09:18 pm
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I rewatched Jurassic World on Sunday afternoon, part of my ongoing 'it's too hot outside to do anything, I don't care I have the AC cranked inside.' I enjoyed it again, though I still think the first was the best. I had thoughts of picturing my OTPs in hunter-type clothing (yum!) but no real bunnies.

I finally watched the last two episodes of Supernatural. I'd been putting them off, partially because I expected spoilers, mostly a little grouchy )

I gave my 90th pint of blood today at the mobile drive at work. I appreciate being able to donate and feel good about it, but I gotta admit, weird things were annoying me, especially having to confirm my name and birthday over and over again. It's one big room, do you think someone snuck in and took my place? Are you concerned I'm getting senile? Why the same questions over and over?

There was another article on the heat in the newspaper. One of the record-setting days was back in 1925, it mentioned, before the invention of air conditioning, when people used to sleep in screened-in porches and on sheets that were cold from being kept in the ice box. I'm weirdly captivated by this notion, cold sheets fresh out of the ice box. It makes me want to write a historical AU, but one item is not a bunny.

The cats have been inside early the last few nights, and not made me track down any of them. I think they like sleeping in the AC. I wonder if they'd like chilled sheets.

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Jun. 17th, 2017 07:56 pm
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For the first time I ever recall, I am contemplating sleeping with the AC on. I don't do this, because the Delta breeze comes up every night and the temperature drops.

But we're in three days of record-breaking temperature, according to the paper. I can survive until Tuesday, I thought, beginning to read the article. Tuesday is going to be 108, which is hotter than today (103) or Sunday or Monday (both 107), but June 20 has been 108 before. It's not a record.

Oh, glad we got that straight.

Yes, sleeping with the AC on is looking good.

I was going to catch up on email and DW/LJ comments this afternoon, but ended up watching a WWII movie called The Devil's Brigade, about the First Special Services Force, a joint American-Canadian unit that was dropped behind enemy lines in Italy. A friend's father was in the unit, and now I shall have to tease him, because the Americans are presented as the dregs of the army. I do enjoy the slashiness of a large group of men bonding, though no tangible bunnies hopped out.

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Jun. 16th, 2017 05:09 pm
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I had a dream. I suppose we all dream every night but I rarely remember mine and I'm fine with that. Dreams are weird.

I was meeting up with two slasher friends at one of their places, only she lived in a trailer park, instead of the apartment she actually has.

A package was delivered, and she had me open it, though I don't know why. It was potpourri she'd ordered.

I had a hissy fit over something, though I don't recall what. I felt left out or neglected in some way.

The TV was on as we were visiting. An actor was being interviewed. It was an actor I knew in the dream, but not in real life. He was leaning against a wall, and the camera kept drifting down, only his chin still visible, and showing his shoes. I'm not sure if they'd be considered loafers or boat shoes, but he kept fidgeting, lifting his feet out of his shoes. He wasn't wearing socks.

In the dream, I remembered that there had been something else recently about feet, but I couldn't remember what. But so we got talking about feet and the eroticism of feet.

Then I woke up.

Potpourri and hissy fits and the eroticism of feet... WTF? Dreams are strange. I will go back to forgetting them.

Though now I'm trying not to think about how the Jedi would keep their feet meticulously clean, because they'd get so stinky after long hours in those big boots...

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Jun. 14th, 2017 08:15 pm
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Do you ever feel like you want to be Arthur Weasley, and stare at someone inquisitively, and ask (about your own culture), something like, "Who or what is a Manfred Mann, and why is his band made of earth?"

(The Mighty Quinn, still a great song.)

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Jun. 12th, 2017 08:27 pm
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I was talking to a co-worker today, who is flying to Puerta Vallarta on Wednesday. She was feeling a bit frantic because the weather predictions have changed to rain the entire time they are supposed to be there, and she has teenagers who are expecting to hang at the beach.

And I was thinking how incredibly wonderful that sounded, to be trapped away from all the projects in one's house, with maybe a few books and a wi-fi access to A03, at a resort with plush chairs and a bored bartender who makes ridiculous drinks while the rain pours down outside. *wants*

Then I thought, that would be a great idea for a multi-fandom fic like my New Years fic, all my favorite pairings end up trapped on a vacation with unexpected bad weather. Only no, they'd all just do like I dream, eat, drink, sit in comfy chairs and read, and then, as they are my favorite pairings, go off and have wild hot sex. It would all be the same, gluttony, sloth, and sex, very repetitious.

But isn't it a nice thought?

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Jun. 9th, 2017 09:02 pm
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Seems like strange times lately, though probably not that strange really.

Second opinions are a beautiful thing. A friend was losing sensation to her legs. Went to her doctor, who said some weirdness about her body needing 'reconditioning' and sent her to a physical therapist. The therapy exercises helped but she wasn't regaining sensation and other problems were happening. Her doctor is taking an extended leave, so she saw another doctor. Within 25 hours, she was having surgery on her neck because a disc had gone wrong in some way and was restricting the flow of blood down her spine. Now she has pins and a cadaver bone in her neck, and recovery is being slow, but still... second opinions are a beautiful thing.

Especially when your doctor, as best as I can tell, subscribes to the theory that overweight people only need to lose weight and all other health problems will disappear.

Anyway, that friend, my sister, and I were supposed to do a PaintNite on what ended up being the afternoon of her surgery, so I texted my brother and he filled in. That's the first time I remember my siblings and I ever doing anything creative together. My sister and I, lots of times, especially as kids and even as adults, but brother was always off 'doing boy things.' He seemed to enjoy painting a cat in a garden.

The PaintNite was at a bar, which had MMA on its TV screens. One of the fighters had his legs wrapped around the other guy's waist and seemed to be hugging him. Why didn't Steve McGarrett use that maneuver? 'Cuz... guh.

I saw Wonder Woman last Sunday and enjoyed it quite a lot. So fabulous to have a great female superhero movie. There isn't a tag scene at the end.

Tuesday was the second anniversary of Mom's death. I took it off, not ready to spend the day pretending all was fine to my co-workers. I finished reading the Atlantis book, which was decent, but... it doesn't seem enough story for six books. Too much time spent on minor characters who don't interest me or particularly advance the plot.

I watched Live Free or Die Hard in the afternoon. I love that movie. Made me want to revisit John/Matt.

I feel more relaxed now that the stroke-stroke-pneumonia anniversaries are done. It's not easy to accept that Mom is gone, but those sudden flashes of 'two years ago this horrible thing happened' made everything worst.

Petite Tabby and New Cat are sitting at my feet as I type. New Cat is still sleeping outside some nights, but the sudden downturn in temperature seems to be keeping him in tonight. Poor Tabby does not realize she's get her vet check-up tomorrow. There will be anguished meowing.


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