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Stargate Atlantis Secret Santa 2012

It's like finding Ronon under your tree...

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Name:SGA Santa
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This is a Stargate Atlantis fic exchange community.

To sign up for SGA Secret Santa 2012, all you need to do is make a post (in a new post please, that way if you change your mind about something, you can always amend it :-) containing your request. Sign-ups are between now and October 9th. All the requests will then be jumbled up and sent back out by October 16th (gives us time to match everyone up).

Responses to gift requests are to be sent to one of the moderators (moonlettuce or alyse) on or before December 10th.

Between December 14th and December 23rd all gift!fics will be posted for your delight and delectation :-)

Please note, if you do not get a story to us in time we will organise a pinch hitter so that your recipient isn't left without a fic at the end of the fest. If we do this, do not whine at us for not giving you enough time, because all we will do is mock.

Because this is a secret santa all responses are to be posted through the moderators. The names of who did what will then be revealed when all requests are accounted for.

*If you post a request for a gift, you will be asked to give a gift in return*

Please do not sign up if you believe you will be unable to complete a request given to you.

To join the exchange, simply sign up to the community and post a request with the following information:

Things I'd like: You can request as many things as you'd like in here. That doesn't mean you'll get them all, but there's no harm in asking. If you'd like a specific pairing, or character, then speak now or forever hold thy peace :-)
Things I wouldn't like: If there's anything you wouldn't like to receive (pairing, character, etc) then here's the place to mention it.
What I can do: Are you a slash only person? Do you only write a specific character or pairing?
What I can't do: If there's anything you feel you can't do, then please say so here. If you can't write NC-17 fic, or have no desire to write het / slash, or a specific pairing or character then please say so.
Pinch hitter?: In the event of someone not being able to complete their gift!fic, are you willing to be stand-in writer?

The SGA Secret Santa is open to gen, het, slash, threesomes, fourgies, moresomes.

We request that gift!fics be a minimum of 1,000 words, please. We don't want to see someone write a 10,000 word epic and be given a drabble in return. Because that would make Zelenka cry.

If you don't have an LJ and would like to participate, then just leave a comment here with the request layout specified above and Alyse and Claire will add you into the fun :-D

In previous years, there have been a few people requesting crossovers in their requests and we would like to point out that there is no guarantee the person who receives your request will know the other fandom.

As such, if you put down that you would like a crossover, it is entirely up to the author whether or not they ignore that part of your request.

After all, please remember that this is a SGA Santa which means that, ultimately, Atlantis is the only fandom we all have in common

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For the artists among in the SGA fandom, there is also a Stargate Atlantis Art Secret Santa Exchange community here: sga_art_santa.
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