Dec. 23rd, 2012

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The last story for the fest is now safely coded and ready to post! The final seven stories will be posted today.

So I'm officially declaring Santa Madness open. Pinch Hitter appreciation post (brief anonymised summary of their requests) will go up when Claire has a chance in case anyone wants to write a treat for them. (It's not obligatory ::g:: but it would be welcome.)

Treats don't have to hit the 1,000 word minimum and you can send them to us if you want them posted anonymously as part if the overall fest or you can post direct to the comm if not. You can write them for anyone who took part (not just your assigned recipient) and the more the merrier! You can find people's requests in the memories, and most people also remembered to tag their requests with genres/pairings as well, so if you have a hankering to write something in particular you should be able to find someone who'd appreciate it :)

If you're an author who had to default or finished your story but failed to submit on time, you're more than welcome (and actively encouraged) to send it to us now :)

Santa Madness will close Midnight on the 31st.
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Title: Angele Dei
Author: [ profile] darkmoore
Recipient: [ profile] goddess47
Pairing: Sheppard/McKay
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: No money was being made from this.
Author's Notes: Thanks goest to my lovely beta for the lightning-fast work! This story isn't what I set out to write, at first. But wing!fic was one of the things goddess47 wanted, so wing!fic it is. Hope you like it.

Summary:A mission gone wrong leads to a few surprising revelations.

Angele Dei )
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Title: Noise/Signal
Author: [ profile] temaris
Recipient: [ profile] sarka
Rating: PG
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Warning: Mild crack. Reckless approach to reality based reality.

Noise/Signal )
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Title: Moving On
Author: [ profile] moose_happy
Recipient: [ profile] gaffsie
Pairing: pre- John/Caldwell, John/Nancy, brief mention of McKay/Keller, and technically Dave Sheppard and his wife :-P
Rating: R
World Count: ~10,000 (a little under)
Disclaimer: Not my characters. Not my world. Definitely not any money made from them.
Author's Notes: Gaffsie gave me a lot of "ors" and I turned it into a lot of "ands..." You've got post-EatG, John-centric fic with homages to Vegas. He's reconnecting with Dave and going through emotional times with Caldwell and Nancy in the meanwhile. Angsty but ultimately happy, and hopefully not too "self-centered" John. As a side note, knowledge of SGU "Seizure" is helpful but not necessary. Just know that McKay and Woolsey screwed up royally with some SGC allies.
Summary: Atlantis may not be lost, but she's lost to John. So are most of his friends and family. Maybe it's time to buck up and do something about his life.

Moving On )
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Title: Birthday Traditions
Author: [ profile] gaffsie
Recipient: [ profile] ruric
Pairing: John/Ronon
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] ruric.
Summary: Ronon celebrates his birthday, with a little help from his friends.

Happy Birthday, Ronon Dex! )
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Title: Knight-errant
Author: [ profile] taste_is_sweet (My author page at Dreamspinner Press)
Recipient: [ profile] salable_mystic
Genre/Characters: Gen / Elizabeth Weir; John Sheppard; OMC
Rating: R (For brief mentions of violence)
Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate Atlantis.
Author's Notes: Ms. Mystic wanted a story where Elizabeth could be awesome and that would fix the end of her story in the TV series. She also wanted a happy ending.

This gets a little bit dark in places, but I promise you a happy ending. I really hope you like this.

Summary: She's not Elizabeth anymore.

Knight-errant )
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Title: You Can't Go Home (But You Don't Have to Stay Here)
Author: [ profile] whizzy
Recipient: [ profile] mific
Pairing: gen
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: language
Author's Notes: Takes place during season three's The Return. I haven't played with these characters in a while, so jumping back in with them was a lot of fun, and hopefully I hit a few of the points in your request. I may have twisted the canon timeline a tiny bit to suit my purposes. Also, huge thanks go to Busaikko for the last-minute beta and fabulous suggestions. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Summary: John knew even before leaving Atlantis for the final time that the reprieve he'd been handed in Antarctica was over.

You Can't Go Home (But You Don't Have to Stay Here) )
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We're nearly done with the main group of stories, but we've still got one left to post. It looks like we've received it with some of it cut off, and we've only just noticed. We've contacted the author and are just waiting to hear back from them.

So, nearly done, but not quite yet :D

Still, though, there's Santa Madness to enjoy :D


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